Aloha :3
*Name? Its Alanah, But My Friend Has Changed It To Lanah So Call Me That <3
*I Am 13 Years Young.. Turning 14 Soon!
*The Girls In The Pics? Yea Thats Me<3
*In Love With Baeza<3 Hes Mine x33 Thats Him In The Background Picc
*Im Mature For My Age
*Im Very Much Into Boys.. Sometimes To Much
*Single ! ^_^ But .... Got My Eye On Someone ;)
*I Like To Flirt..
*Kinda Insecure, Im Working On It Though
*Im Very Shy.. Until Ive Gotten Used To You! Then Im Cray Cray! x3
*Im A Dancer! Belly Dancing <3 And Hip Hop <3
*Im Kinda Smart.. Its Rare To Find Samrt Blondes Now A Days
*8th Grade.. Probably The Worse Year Of My Life Right Now -_-
*I Love One Direction<3
*I Like Cupcakes & Candy <3 Yumm ^_^
*Im Always On Thee Computer..
*Love MUSIC.. I Would Die Without It
*Forever 21<33
*I Have A Brunett Best Friend, Cause Every Brunett Needss A Blonde Best Friend <3
*Im Very Imaginative, And My Mind Runs Away All The Time..
*I Fake A Smile Everyday , So Im Pretty Good At Hiding My Emotions
*I Dont Pay Attention In Class.. I Write Notes With Friends
*Im A Lot Of Fun To Hang Out With, Untill You Piss Me Off Or Annoy Me, Then Im A Biznitch
*I Listin To Music That Tells Exactly What Im Going Through
*I Get Hurt Easy
*Talk A Lot.. To Much
*I Have An Attitude.. Only When Im In A Bad Mood , Im Pissed , Annoyed , Or If I Just Dont Like You ^_^
*I Argue A Lot.. Even If I Know Im Not Right.
*Good Listiner
*I Give Good Advice.. I Just Dont Follow It For My Self
*@Gracie1997 <----- My Best Friend Right Here<3 Love You, You Hurt Her I'll Kill You -.-

Gracie Thank You . Thank You For Everything .
You've Listined To Everything Have To Say <3
Love You !

Audric , Thank You ! Though You Dont Got One Of These
I Still Wanna Say Thank You <3 I Love Talkin To You .
An You Where There When Richie Is Treating Me Like
Shyt . You Made Me Feel Beautiful , An You Told Me To
Whipe My Eyes , Cause He Doesnt Deserve My Tears ..
Thank You /.\ <3

Bye .
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    The Land Of Vintage <3
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The Story Of Us </3

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Description: I"ve Fallen So Many Times . For Him Over , An Over Again . He Has Something .. That Just , I Cant Resist . My Heart Wants Him , It Longs For Him . All I Want Is Him . An I Dont Think I Can Have Him . This Is The Story Of Us .

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