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Hey this is a joint account...

Unkown: I'm the profile Pic don't talk to me  because I only talk to the people I want I have won against a battle with cancer and I have survived a car wreck so I must be here for a reason so don't try to start stuff with me because I honestly do not care anymore. You may see my face but you don't know me.

Jack= idk anymore gay and hates people depressed
im an ass Im the background stfu and leave me the hell alone
The profile Pic is my brother

Anthy=Single gay fairy likes pink and glitter that shit

Lyle=Single </3 Heartbroken shy sensitive easily hurt gay. HE ish tiny and coote and wears hoodies to much and he ish just so cuddly and huggly and sweettttt!!!

Ashton=gay single fuckable not really looking for a relationship just fucking

Dray: gay cross dresser lives doing hair sweet and shy dont give him sugar

Franz_Taken in love mah baby is perf <3333

Ethan=gay just dosent give a fuck taken by my baby Aden c:

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Malayalam I love unicorns can u make him eat apples
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