Hello fellow Adventurers of wattpad! 
      -Well my name is Alex if you already havent noticed. So im going to tell you about myself even if you didn't wanna know... (Sorry)
      -I'm 19 years old
      -I have weird hazel eyes
      -Im a shortie sadly... 
      -Black hair
      -Im sorta pale 
      -I'm obsessed with anything to do with vampires and zombies. They're beyond awesome
      -My dream would be to become a vampire. That would been AWESOME!
      -I love horror slasher films
      -I'm a big time fan of horror books
      - A night person to add, sleeping during the day and stuff
      -I USED to be emo, but that's all in the past thanks to some certain loved ones of mine
      - I'm kinda evil... mwa ha
      -single (waiting for Axel or Hetalia to become real) TT.TT
      -A lot of people think I'm abnormal and I love it
      -If you want me to read any stories of yours, just ask and I shall read it
      - Um yeah that's about it. Have any questions don't be afraid to ask.
      Best Friends
      -@eminemily <---- She may be the total opposite of me but you gotta love her, still drives me crazy though =3. One day she shall come to the dark side
      -@XxDeathsAngelxX<------ The best friend that I could ever have
      -@iamrandom114 <--- She is really cool and she's my long lost sister!=)
      Instagram: LilRedHD
      Favorite band
      -Falling in Reverse
      -Avenged Sevenfold
      Favorite Writer
      -Edgar Allan Poe
      Favorite Movie
      Favorite color
      -Do I really have to say?
      In case you don't know it's
      Favorite game
      -Call of Duty:Black Ops
      -Alice Madness Returns
      -Shadow the Hedgehog
       Song that describes my emotions:
      -"You don't know me"
       #BoldTheLine <--- check out Clear-I-fic-Ation
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    In the shadows... eating your cookies
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