Don't ask me what my favourite band is, that is the most difficult question I will never answer O.o
      I'm a lover of many cars but the Evo caught my heart cx
      "You're not alone you're with me" xx
      I support anyone who is bi, lesbian or gay. Honestly they're still human beings c: (I'm straight btw)
      cough I'm married to Austin Carlile cough *looks around*
      ForeverAGhost \(•.•)/
      *whispers violently to a song because I can't scream*
      There's one band that I dislike. They sound like girls. (Notice how I didn't mention the band name so that crazy ass fangirls wouldn't shove knives down my throat)
      Lip piercings are extremely attractive on a guy >//<
      I've never been to a concert :c
      I'm a sucker for cheesy romance >.<
      I'm awkward in person cx
      Be kind and I'll return the favour
      And that's basically it bye ^~^
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