I like aaaaaall things that is BoyxBoy, basically Yaoi

I'm a straight girl with a bit of a crush on Lady Gaga...does that make me 20% gay? LOL

Writing is my passion, like many of you so let's get along! Hazzah!

I'm a Francisco Lachowski fan...he's just so hot! *drools*

I listen to just about anything from Rock to Pop. I love music! 

My hobby is singing in the shower...and drooling over pretty guys...hehe I'm so shallow >.< 

Don't Judge Me! *cries* hehe

I like watching Tru Blood and drooling over the sexy vampire Eric Northmen...*drools*

Damon is my fav character in Vampire Diaries of course...him and Bonnie in both the books and T.V series. BAMON forevah!!! 


*shakes booty* hahaha ok that was just random ;P

*Hops on a pink unicorn and rides off into the sunset*
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    On The Edge Of Glory...with the muffin man :D
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Description: A CLICHE STORY? I THINK NOT!! Meet Casey; Eccentric, optimistic and just a tad bit crazy. Now meet the Nova Boys; Roman, Adam and Drew, 3 gorgeous brothers with a shocking secret. Now lets introduce Casey to North Shore Highs three most sought after...