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Description: "Your my mate." he whispers. I stare at him in shock. There's only one thing I can think of to say. "How long have you known!" I growl at him. "Six months." he answers. I stopped breathing. He's known for six fucking months and he didn't tell me! Wh...

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The Enemy Pack BoyxBoy

The Enemy Pack BoyxBoy

607K 8.8K 665

What do you do when you find out that your mate is a guy? The guy part isn't the problem. The problem is...

Royally Rejected

Royally Rejected

462K 7.4K 671

What else can happen to Rejected Princess. Read and find out.

Worming His Way In (Being Edited)

Worming His Way In (Being Edited)

443K 7.1K 291

Her mate rejected her. Can he worm his way back into her heart?

The Jock and The Emo Boyxboy (Being Edited)

The Jock and The Emo Boyxboy (Being Edited)

37.1K 556 38

Liam the stereo typical emo. Beau the typical jock. Both so different. One a single parent home with few...

chungmai posted a message to XxDinkyxX
m a HUGE fan of ur stories..   each one is unique in their own way... n the leading ladies are all awesome whether weak or strong. awesome writer
ginaf30 posted a message to XxDinkyxX
Hi, I like all your stories that you have written on here. They are in the same genre but they have their own story.
You are a talented writer and i hope you continue to write on here and put up some new stories 
I really love Being Rejected that was my all time fav but now that i read the rest of your work they are all my fav's
IlayahTogia posted a message to XxDinkyxX
Oh my Gosh!! I love werewolf books and looking through your stuff is making me smile so much when I read! Currently I'm reading Alphas Baby and it's amazing I cried in one of the chapters for most of it. Lordie Lordie I'm so loving your works right now!!