Hey! Decided to change this about me thing. I really suck at doing this so bear with me will you? 

I'm a girl (obviously) but i don't like the 'if you're a girl you must be like one'. nay, it's your liberty i guess. But if you're a guy, it doesn't seem very right... *Bewarn- i'm half boy and half girl! =)*

I'm fairly young i guess... i started to write when i was 11/12 years. But even then, i had a passion for writing and slowly i became better i guess. 

I'm a Christian. And if you have something to say against my belief then go away.

I... like a lot things... and i make friends easily. I get angry quite easily at times so don't step on me. I love food, sleep, reading, writing, badminton, and many others. 

I find love is a complicated thing so be patient with it XD.

Okay, up to here i have no idea what else to say. but.... if you want to... you can always talk to me and we can be friends =). And then you can know better about me coz i'm better at one to one than this. Lol. XD. Well... Enjoy my stories!

P.S I'm an alien. Who eats humans! BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID =P. Oh and i also do give free comments which is good for thy soul. =P

My target:

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1300 reads[X]
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1500 reads[X]
1600 reads[X]
1700 reads[X]
1800 reads[  ]
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2000 reads[  ]

Thanks for helping me reach my previous goal!

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Description: A letter from a child to her mother. Read it people. Reeeaaaadddd....


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