So I write but I warn you that I'm not good at spelling or grammar. I already know all of this but if you're willing to edit or give me pointers go ahead. Other than that I am a part-time student and part-time employee and very busy.

I love reading so if you have a story you want me to read I'm more than happy to do a read for read and comment for comment! :)

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Teen Fiction #235 (April 14th 2013)
1000 votes             (Oct 17th  2013) 
50,000 reads         (Nov 12th 2013)

Just so everyone is aware I will be rewriting Inviting the Virgin once it is complete. I've been writing this story for almost two years and my writing skills have grown enough that I feel like the first half of the story needs to be redone. Nothing major will change so people who've read the whole thing aren't required to read it again. 

And just for a surprise: http://imgur.com/J2iVyo6 

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♡Inviting the Virgin
♡Broken Fragile Pieces
♡Chemically Platonic
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Description: My eye brows had risen. She’d never spoken to me before, although she’d never really been mean to me before either. Tightness grew on my forehead while I held the quizzical look. Holding out the card she smiled. It seemed uncanny that in this mo...

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Broken Fragile Pieces (Slow Updates)

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Please do not get your hopes up when you see that it says I have updated ITV. Because I've added chapters it will most likely not be a new one. Also the number is different so you're place may not be exactly the same. I am sorry for any confusion that this causes.
Hey guys, there have been some problems with my story ITV. Some of my edited chapters aren't being fully shown. I'm not sure exactly what  is wrong or when wattpad it going to fix it either.. Sorry for any delays.