So I write but I warn you that I'm not good at spelling or grammar. I already know all of this but if you're willing to edit or give me pointers go ahead. Other than that I am a full-time student and part-time employee and very busy.

I love reading so if you have a story you want me to read I'm more than happy to do a read for read and comment for comment! :)

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Just so everyone is aware I will be rewriting Inviting the Virgin once it is complete. I've been writing this story for almost two years and my writing skills have grown enough that I feel like the first half of the story needs to be redone. Nothing major will change so people who've read the whole thing aren't required to read it again.

And just for a surprise: http://imgur.com/J2iVyo6

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Description: "How would you describe Heather Marsh?" our schools news junkie questioned. Typically, he held a nice ballpoint pen to a thick pad of paper resting in his lap. He was eagerly awaiting my answer; soon to be publicized in our school paper as a tribute...


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The last chapter of Inviting the Virgin as been posted! Finally!! Feels like forever, mainly because it has been forever. So please enjoy the last chapter while I got work a 12 hour night shift.. yay. Please feel free to inbox me or comment on the Q&A I have and I'll be happy to answer your questions as long as it doesn't give anything away for the squeal. Yes, you heard it, the word SQUEAL. Anyways that won't be posted until the beginning of July. Just to let me brain have a little bit of a break. 
      Well I hope you guys have a better day then I'm gonna have. Work, Yuck but I guess I have to keep my day job lol

YUP. Adam was the guy that Stella was secretly seeing that broke it off with her. They mention that Stella did this because a guy broke her heart. It's also mentioned that Stella must have been taking an older boy because it wasn't anyone from their school. There is also a scene where Stella freaks about because Eden is talking to Adam. They were only small hints because I like surprises.