Hello to the person behind that monitor reading this *waves* I'm Ximena as you can see. 
I'm the queen of sarcasm and silly jokes. 
I love to write and read. 
I'm a sophomore at my school. 
I hate to play sports, actually I suck at all of the sports you could ever imagine. 
I mostly write teen fiction and that's what I like to read. 
If I like your story I'll immediately add it to my library probably leave a comment. 
If you want to ask me anything just PM me 
I love Beau Mirchoff, Chace Crawford, Josh Hutcherson, James Gaisford, Taylor Lautner, Alex Pettyfer. 
I want to marry Chuck Bass he's just perfect (Ed Westewick <3) 

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-Blink 182
-Simple Plan
- VHS or Beta
-One Republic
-Avril Lavigne
-Taylor Swift
-Linkin Park
-One Direction
-The Cab
- A Rocket to the Moon
-Lady Gaga
-The Cataracs
-Big Time Ruh
-Fall Out Boy
-Angels & Airwaves

Currently writing:
. Kidnapped by my mate. (Werewolf #858------>  Feb 25th, 2012), (Werewolf #721-----> Feb 29th, 2012) 
. Finding Nina (Humor #748-----> July 8th, 2012)
Thank you soooo much guys <3

My attitude: 

█ 10% Sleepy
██ 20% Bored
███ 30% Sad
████ 40% Weird
█████ 50% Funny
██████ 60% Smart
███████ 70% Happy
████████ 80% Sexy
█████████ 90% In love
██████████ 100% CRAZY!!!

Bye stranger :)
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Finding Nina

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Description: Nathaniel Ryder's life becomes a mess the second he meets this beautiful girl with hazel eyes. Nina Deschanel's life turns upside down the second he put his eyes on her. One thing is for sure; love and fame don't mix.

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Being Her (Coming Soon)

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Kidnapped by my mate.

Kidnapped by my mate.

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