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I'm 17, My name is Damien for those of you that cannot or are not willing to read it. I am from Alazka, I have 7 sisters me being the youngest out of 8. I have a dog named Skittles and I love cliff diving and midnite swimming. :P
I am an empath. 
I have trust issues
I'm deaf
I have nothing left to live for...
 @PrincessandLuLu.MY fiancée that I love to bits. He may not know it, but he completes me. I CANNOT live without you. :3 Love you 
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If you are a Fallen Angel Repost This 
═════════════ ೋღ♥ ღೋ ═════════════════╝I know I am one.

You mess with MY Family and friends I WILL give you HELL understood? Good.
Now, fan these AMAZING PEOPLE. :
 @XxHiddenShadow: My real life bestie. I love u Hazzzy. @DallyD: My epically awesome almost twin brother. Your always in my heart twinnie :3 R.I.P :'( @ItsNotLikeYouCare MY...yes MINE..... my epic new friend :3 and my little sis You fuck with her I kill you. MY BUMBLEBEEE!  @wolfmoon003: EMI! :D @BeccyvsGeorge: MY pie :3 @BreeSixx: My ultimate bestie besides Hazzy. Me loveles u! and MY TWIN. Mess with her u die. I will murder u if she comes to me and says YOU yes YOU have done  @XXLostAtSeaXx: An AWESOME person fan her. Love chu veebee! @MsSita101: My little sis. I love her too. @DamienStrikes MY ausiee bunny! :3 @Your_Angel_Baby: Chrissy! ♥♥

His name is Indigo (Kittie)
Shitty life
The only person he trusts is Bunni (you mess with his Bunni and you'll get hell)
Hes human he has feelings don't screw him over



Indi's Book Of Poetry

Indi's Book Of Poetry

10 parts / 2 pages, updated Dec 13, 2012PG
496 reads votes 36 comments 25
You Talk But I Don't Hear

You Talk But I Don't Hear

2 parts / 1 page, updated May 19, 2012PG
Meet Damon, a shy quiet 17 year old boy with a dark and hard past. He's known as the emo freak by those at school and around him. His life is a living hell..an... read more
2,453 reads votes 78 comments 48


1 page, updated May 17, 2012G
199 reads votes 21 comments 17
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Itty Bitty (boyxboy)
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Straight Trap (BxB) {Complete}
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Towers Over Me
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thanks *hugs back*
Indi's Book Of Poetry

@Connor_Is_Back welcome berry
Indi's Book Of Poetry

@THEninjaAssassin thanks
Indi's Book Of Poetry

@THEninjaAssassin I think i've written over 79 poems with either berry in them or some form of berry on them
Indi's Book Of Poetry

@THEninjaAssassin it didn't take long.
Indi's Book Of Poetry