Heyy there!
      Few things about myself if you care enough to read it ;)
      My name is Sarah * My birthday is June 11th * I'm 24
      <3My favorite color is pink
      *I love the Boston Red Sox 
      <3I love to tan
      *I love the beach
      <3Red Wine 
      *Reading :)
      *I'm a night time TV junky -CSI (all 3) Two and a half men- Big Bang Theory- American Idol - X Factor - And my new favorite - American Horror Story ;)
      <3Mariah Carey is my favorite Singer but I love 80's and 90's music
      *My favorite writers: Pactricia Cornwell (Scarpetta series) and Stephen King (The Stand, The perfect storm - no, not the one with George Clooney- and Desperado are my top favorites)
      BUT I also love romantic stories
      <3I love horror movies.. all of them even the really bad ones I love to be scared (is that weird?) 
      *I'm PETRIFIED of spiders absolutely PETRIFIED 
      <3 I Google everything!
      *~* Stories I'm following at the moment *~*
      -aBitParanoid: Violet
      -Xxpretty_imperfect: Day66
      -kristin0623: Forbidden & Against their will
      -Perfectrain: Cherry Creek
      -until_then09: The Reason
      (You should check them out!)
      I'd love to read you're stories and hopefully add them to my list! Just ask and I'll get to them as soon as I can :)
      "Storytelling helps us make sense of our lives and helps us share our being"
      -Doug Elliot
      Thanks for reading <3
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