Sup peoples the name is Dexter alot of people call me Dex but i dont care what you call me so heres some stuff about me:

Im 17 

Im gay and proud of it   don't like it then go piss up a tree

I play hockey, basketball, lacross, marshal arts, boxing, restling and all those other awesome sports

I street fight, street race, dirt bike, fix cars, BMX, skateboard, quading, and hanging with my peeps 

I drink 

I have a bad past but i dont let that keep me down 

am I single or am I not but youll never find out ;)

I have 3 tatts 

i listen to heavy metal and screamo music :)

Now for my list of awesome people:

@XxWolffiexX who bugged me non stop to get an account on here i did it bc shes my bestestfriend in the world she may be a pain but shes one tough  fiesty little girl

@Rose_BrKn_SmL  cute and adorable and really awesome person to talk to

@WaKiNgDeMoN one hot sexxy beast =P

@TheNerdyGirl shes an awesome chick shes my  wonderwoman =P

@XxHiddenShadow one crazy girl yeah cc you heard me i called you crazy see im not the only one crazzy hehehe :P

@DamienXX my awesome bro 

@DestinLuvsSkittlez one sexxy badass daaammmnnn hes fine ;P
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