Well my name is Adriana I'm from california :). Yes that's me in the photo.....I'm such a potato.....yup. I can usually always find something to love about someone. Some people I like to have fun with and others I'd love to punch in the face;). Some people would say I'm a bitch, but whatever. I want to be a writer so it helps me a lot if you leave comments to let me know how I am doing. Don't be afraid to be mean.....I can handle it.....I get shy lol.
I tured eighteen a while ago and I'm super happy about it.
I love to read I'm a really big book worm sooooooooo never stop writing people!!!!!!
Also vote please

*My favorite Bands*
Attack Attack! (Saw them)
We Came as Romans (Saw them)
Abandon All Ship (Saw them)
Woe is Me (Saw them)
Chuck No Captain Chuck (Saw them)
Go Radio (Saw them)
For All Those Sleeping
Breathe Carolina
Secrets (Saw them)
Glass Cloud (Saw them)
Secondhad Serinade
Ed Sheeran (I know he isn't a band so shut up) (Saw Him)
A Day To Rememeber(saw thematic)
PTV (saw them)
Sleeping with Sirens (Saw them)
And a lot more

*Favorite Songs*
2)Take One last Breathe
3)Mr.owl Ate My Worm
4)Family Goretrait
5)To Plant A Seed
6)Stick Stickly
7)The Peoples Elbows
8)Dressing Room
9)Goodnight Moon
11)Small Bump
12)One Kiss
13)Mr.Owl Ate My Metal Worm
14) King For a Day

My kik if anyone wants to send me suggestion or if you want to yell at me about updates: Adriflow
Stupid kik i know my sister made it for me :\

My favorite quote has to be "We're moving forward but we're not there yet" by a day to remember. No lie guys it's my senior quote........... ADTR FOR LIFE!!!!!!
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