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I'm 19years old, obviously a girl. I'm pretty much a plain jane with OCD. I have curly brown/black hair, that seems to be getting darker and darker as the years go by. I was used to being an average 5'4" and now after a year i'm proudto say i am tall lol i'm 5'8" whew! thats what you call a growth spurt.Anyways, i'm seriously pale, and have green eyes, and i've got an athletic build from years of dance, soccer, track and volley ball. I'm a serious busy body LOVE with my BF! Well I'm here to transfer all my work from Quizilla to a new more modern site, trying to escape all the glitches and problems from the old site. I will still remain faithful to the other site, my first fanfic site, but want to see how things go on this site^^ If you haven't noticed, this is Mir from Quizilla. I even kept my username. I usually do for any site im on....i don't know why though lol.


Uncompatible Love*Jacob Black Love Story*

Uncompatible Love*Jacob Black Love Story*

49 parts / 216 pages, updated Jun 06, 2013PG-13
Edward Cullen has 2 adopted sisters and 2 adopted brothers, along with an adoptive mother and father. Violette Elizabeth Mason Cullen, a phenomenon... read more
206,458 reads votes 1,889 comments 243
Twilight One Shots

Twilight One Shots

6 parts / 25 pages, updated Aug 25, 2011PG-13
a series of diferent one shots there are mainly twilight oneshots that i have written in the past but im contemplaiting uploading my HP ones too. let me know what you think?=)
9,021 reads votes 41 comments 5

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Are you still continuing this???? I've read all the books for this character in three days alone n I want more!!!! T_T ppppllllzzzzz???? Lol
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@MichelleCutler @troy123 @1DMAD_ @ILOVETWILIGHTSOMUCHE THANK YOU ALL! I hope you guys really did enjoy it =) sorry its kind of shorter than my...
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@CinnaPiff sorry! It's just that some of these chapters were written years ago! I just had trouble finding them all and putting them in order. ANd...
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@AutumnHamilton glad to have an old QUizilla follower lol sorry but there were just too many complications on that site @_@ hehe wanted to catch ...
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