I'm 19years old, obviously a girl. I'm pretty much a plain jane with OCD. I have curly brown/black hair, that seems to be getting darker and darker as the years go by. I was used to being an average 5'4" and now after a year i'm proudto say i am tall lol i'm 5'8" whew! thats what you call a growth spurt.Anyways, i'm seriously pale, and have green eyes, and i've got an athletic build from years of dance, soccer, track and volley ball. I'm a serious busy body and...in LOVE with my BF! Well I'm here to transfer all my work from Quizilla to a new more modern site, trying to escape all the glitches and problems from the old site. I will still remain faithful to the other site, my first fanfic site, but want to see how things go on this site^^ If you haven't noticed, this is Mir from Quizilla. I even kept my username. I usually do for any site im on....i don't know why though lol.
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Uncompatible Love*Jacob Black Love Story*

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Description: Edward Cullen has 2 adopted sisters and 2 adopted brothers, along with an adoptive mother and father. Violette Elizabeth Mason Cullen, a phenomenon all on her own is plagued with being a freak amongst freaks. She searches for her rightful place on t...

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Twilight One Shots

Twilight One Shots

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a series of diferent one shots there are mainly twilight oneshots that i have written in the past but im...

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Her eyes met mine and her cheeks grew a light shade of pink before she sighed and leaned back in the seat. "I'm on my period is all, and it's making handling everything about fifteen times more diffi...
First day I feel like I'm dying -__- it's like dnt look at me dnt touch me dnt piss me off xP sooo I'm sweet as candy except for about 12 days out of the year (one day of every month)

If you're going to continuously "correct" the winter..... At least do so CORRECTLY xP I mean ok, the punctuation was a little off, big deal! I seen your correcting the stupidest things! What makes matters worse is somehow you overlook the worser errors in place for incorrectly pointing out mistakes.... Stupid childish bleh! Can't even appreciate a well thought out plot. XP
I've got major writers block -___- I keep writing and deleting and rewriting xP I know how the ending is gonna be, I still remember that much. However, I can't recall what events I wanted or what dialogue I wanted to include in between xP any recommendations for overcoming this stump I'm in? This extended hiatus was a horrible idea xP
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It's been well over a year since your last update, but I'm glad you're back.  I really hope you get to finish Uncompatible Love this time; I've been dying to know the end!
I'm alive!!! Sorry guys I know it's been a while (well over months actually!!) since I've been on here but I'm alive and well I need a form to vent and well I'm preggers and will have time on my hands since I'm on maternity leave soooo expect an update for Uncompatible love sometime soon!!!! :)