I'm 19, live in East Texas, yes I use the word Ya'll(s) a lot, no I don't ride a horse to school, or even own a horse.  We're not all riding off into the sunset on our trusty steeds. I've been told I'm too wise for my age, and that I've been blessed with wisdom, but I think I just watch too much Star Wars. (Yoda, teacher he is.) I am in love with The Flash. Seriously, The Flash is the best comic book character ever. (Have you SEEN the tv show?!) I am highly creative. I've done stage/set design for theatre and short film, professional photography, special effects makeup, makeup in general, painting, drawing, writing, music, voice acting, acting, played the trumpet, made jewelry, heck I have a craft box with everything from sculpt clay to graph paper so I'm fully prepared for anything. I get bored easily, so I'm always jumping around from one hobby to the next. (right now I'm working on building a baby crib for a friend) So yea... I've had a hand in just about everything from arts to agriculture. Currently decided if I should take up on that judge's offer and go to law school or get a PH.D in Psychology...

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My Instagram: originalshelby (basically a bunch of pictures from my life... and my animals... like Nazi my little writing buddy!)

Going through a tough time in life right now, and I keep getting blindsided by stuff so I really need to keep my head in the game for a few months.
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Two years ago I went to Disneyworld with my best friends so we could preform in the parade there, and I just watched the video of our time there. I think I know why Disney Parks are the happiest place on earth... it's not because of the "place" it'e because of who you're with. If I went with someone else or by myself it wouldn't be the same. I'd rather go to Disney with my best friends than with a celebrity or even Walt himself. 

End of story.
I'm wanting to get together with Wattpaders from my area for a Christmas Party! I'll take care of everything from getting a location to planning what to do for our party. Hopefully we can get enough people from this area to agree to this! The area I'm talking about is the Angelina/Nac area and the meetup will be somewhere in Lufkin.  (Possible locations: The Standpipe/Starbucks/Rizzo's) Just reply to this and let me know where in this area you are at! Also let me know if you are willing to be a part of a Facebook Group for wattpaders in our area to come and meet each other online!
For two weeks I've been waiting for this weekend so I could do the Special Effects Makeup workshop with Faceoff veteran RJ Haddy (Because these kinds of people NEVER come to small towns like Hudson usually more than once). I loved him in Season two and was so upset that he got eliminated in Season five, and then I heard he was doing makeup for our local Haunted House. I nearly got to meet him once before because I work with the local theatre teachers a lot, and the middle school director was working the haunted house. I missed my chance because I had to work a football game instead of going to the haunted house. THEN Two weeks ago I found out he was planning a TWO DAY workshop for this weekend where everything was provided and he was our teacher and we got to keep what we made. I was so excited, but then today when I finally got the chance to sign up I was turned away because the  class (20 people limit) was $300 per seat. Sadly, I just lost my job and my money went towards food for the house. 

It's like the world doesn't want me to get better at my aspirations  in life.  It was RJ FLIPPIN' HADDY!  I've known who he was since Batman and Robin! (He worked on that movie) Well... There's nothing more I can really do. I just can't believe I was so close to finally meeting this guy and actually LEARNING from him and I was turned away cause I couldn't afford it. Life just really, really sucks sometimes.
I'm not dead! (I've actually been secretly finishing Insanity when I have the chance between school and work) I am here for a brief moment before can finally get to bed. I am coming together with a gift pack of marvelous and insane things to send to one of you insane readers! How do you win the insane gift pack? Well all the details are in my contest book!