I'm 19, live in East Texas, yes I use the word Ya'll a lot, no I don't ride a horse to school, or even own a horse.  We're not all riding off into the sunset on our trusty steeds. I've been told I'm too wise for my age, and that I've been blessed with wisdom, but I think I just watch too much Star Wars. (Yoda, the teacher of my life he is.) I am in love with The Flash. Seriously, The Flash is the best comic book character ever. (well from DC anyway... but Nightwing probably is close too...) And my favorite Marvel character is the one and only Merc with a Mouth, the original player: Deadpool. I love superhero comics, and want to write more about that kind of thing... but I just don't know where to start! DANG IT STAN LEE YOU'VE TAKEN ALL THE GOOD IDEAS! If you EVER need any help, just PM me your questions and I will gladly help you out if I can!

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WrittingNinja posted a message

So I started college two weeks ago. Since I'm taking all online courses, my assignments for the whole semester are usually up for most of my classes. I got three units ahead in the required freshmen course, and yet I got the notifications today telling me that all the work for unit one is overdue and that I didn't get the credit for it. 

I did it all last week, and the double checked it yesterday (the day it was due) to make sure everything was submitted and turned in. I spent hours yesterday making sure everything would get turned in, cause I missed the first week of classes. (my prof didn't have the online class set up until the second week, so everyone missed that first week)

So the only way to get my grade back up is to make sure everything is done... and yet this kind of crap is happening! It's not happening for any of my other classes, but just this stupid, student success class all freshmen are required to take! I'm failing it!!!! I have sen glitch e-mails to the help desk, I've contacted the prof, and yet they all say "Nothing's wrong, you didn't turn it in." I have my photographic proof and internet history records that PROVE I did it!

I can't wait to finish this class...

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hey u. Tak.