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Name Kirsten
Location Behind you............Hi! :D
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Hi there people, 
-Curazoleña/ Venezolana
-Almost 18
-Languages: Papiamentu, English, Dutch and Spanish
I love anime, manga and korean drama:P
-Sweet, lovely, sexy, ur best friend! yeah, love u too....or not!
-Crazy, sarcastic and a bitch sometimes.....or is it most of the time!? hmm...dunno
Well, this is all you need to know of me right now:P 
bye crazies...

No, wait......wanna know more then inbox me:P
WritingInReverse's Reading Listespanolfinishedplanning to readvampirewerewolf stories i love<3random cool stories:)Mas libros...

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please update soon!!
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