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Hello Everyone! 13 facts about myself. 

1. Im a HUGE reader. I absolutely adore reading people's things, and often I like books here on Wattpad more than most published books. If you ever want me to read anything just private message me. :) 

2. My favorite published books are Harry Potter, Pendragon, Eragon, and the Percy Jackson seires. 

3. My FAVORITE character in the Harry Potter books is Draco Malfoy. I have no idea why but I love that guy! Cutest little ferret ever. ;) 

4. My favorite movies are the Pirates of the Carribean seires. Johnny Depp has to be one of the best actors out there.

5. My favorite actors are Johnny Depp, Alex Pettyfer (Eeee!), Craig Horner, John Cusack, and Will Smith. 

6. My favorite songs (currently) are "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO, "Running Away" by Midnight Hour, and "Nothing" by the script. 

7. I smile ALOT. Nearly all the time. 

8. Im a pretty big gamer. I love Kingdom Hearts (Favorite!) Final Fantasy, Assassins Creed, God of War, and any wii game. 

9. I have some best friends here on Wattpad. "SweetSilver13" and "TheBookNinja". They are both amazing writers that exceed my talent tremendously. You should check them out! 

10. Im going to be a doctor when I grow up! YAY! 

11. I can't stand the snow, which sucks becasue I live in a place where we get a ton of snow. Its snowing right now! 

12. Some of my favorite writers here are "TheBookNinja", "SweetSilver13", "IFanBackWithLove" "KeelyEverdenRyan", "SelenaEmery" and "SanayaKant". Check out their stories sometime! 

13. My favorite number is 13! Hence the 13 facts. :P 

So, anyways, Im currently working on 3 stories, "Bound and Taken",  "Nothing Ever Goes According to Plan" and "Twice Burned". Dont forget to check those out. 

Private message me, Meebo me anytime! I love talking with people. :)

Bazinga Punk! :P

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