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I want you wake up at four a clock in the morning and stand outside, naked. Let the world stop for that moment and feel everything around you. Let the air touch your skin and the birds sing in your ears. Let the salty ocean morning tickle your nose and the dusty timber irritate your feet. 
Because, it is moments like these that make life worth while.

I've been told that I'm a happy-go-lucky person, but I have the tendency to be feisty when it matters. 
I can be brutally honest if I want to, but I generally tone it down.
I do bite, so watch out. 
I love summer and being completely lazy. 
I like doing things to the best of my ability and I can get really passionate about what I believe in. 
I'm somewhat of a spelling and grammar Nazi.
I have a thing for hard liquor, and yes, I can hold my drink rather well.
I have a habit of getting into trouble. 
I love the shocked look on peoples faces when I tell them my age, they all think I'm years younger. 
If the world was ruled by monopoly, I'd be the richest bastard that ever lived. 
I am the queen of checkers and have not been beat since eighth grade. 
I am, by all means, a nerd. 
I've been called cute by everyone I know and its annoying. Why can't I be sexy?
I've travelled to over seven countries, and one continent in my life time and am planning on travelling the world. 
I love adventure and anything different and against the norm.
I am bored of talking about me, so how about we talk about you?

P.S: Definition of man in reference to my username: The human race without reference to the gender.


Sex Incorporated.

Sex Incorporated.

4 parts / 6 pages, updated Feb 03, 2012RPictures
Ava is a nineteen year old prostitute for a major business. On her weekly night off she meets a young constable that she slowly falls in love with. Sadly one of her client... read more
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I'm a real slacker and I know I haven't read and commented on your work in ages, so sorry. But thank you for the dedication. It means heaps. You...
Being A Douchebag

@xForeverxxUnwrittenx I'm planning on explaining that in the next set of four chapters. It is the way I'm positioning my story. I'll probably...
Sex Incorporated.

@EverlastingPride That's okay, and you're welcome.
Sex Incorporated.