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Woolyyjuliee here or just Julie. Whatevers best. I never really ever know what to say on these about me things. But seeing as it is tittled about me I am going to take wild guess and say my best option would be to write about, well me.

Though i know what I would like to say about myself! But that would be lying, and if you are nice enough to be Reading this then I will be nice enough to tell the truth. So no flying pet dwarfs or holidays to narnia in this about me. Which is upsetting as well all know how frigging cool that would be! 

I guess all there is to say is that I am your pretty standard 16 year old girl with an over active imagination and a little too much free time on my hands. Summer holidays do love to drag. 

God I need to get myself a life. :P

So here is what is really up. The up front, flat face, hard cold, no idea what I am on about, facts. About me, Julie, or WoolyyJuliee, or not. Yeah. Im cool. *Cough*. What was I talking about? Oh yeah me. Here we go.

I am Scottish. Yep, not British, english or anything like. Born and bred Scot here. Hunting the wild haggis and looking after sheep. Guess that is fact number one.

Numero dos! I don't particularly want to be a published author. The few people's "about me" parts I have read on this is say stuff like; I want to be an author. or I want to have books published and stuff. Just to be different I want to be an architect. You know, with buildings and stuff.

Fact number threee! I FAIL at english! But love to listen to good music! Who doesn't?!

Pretty much the jizz on my life. Oh if you want to chat PLEASE leave a message doown there. *looks for an arrow key pointing down* Annd that failed... Or private message or whatever! Please do not self advertise if it is impersonal! May be deleted! Sorry about that.

Wattpad FAVOURITE. Read BeckyBloomwood's stuff! Oh lovely Luke <3 He can lie on my floor anyday ;)



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