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Hi Peoples!!!!!!! 

Are you ready to rule the world!?! 


GEEZ! Do I have to do everything by myself?!

1. noun 
    a wheat, Triticum turgidum dicoccon,  having a two-grained spikelet.
2. noun
    The name of the nutcase who owns this wattpad account.....

YES my name is Emmer...well nickname...and I'm a speices of wheat that Ancient Egyptians use to grow thousands of years ago to make bread and beer!!! (Yes I did research emmer :P )


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Ok so here are some facts about me,

-I love squirrels!! ^if you haven't noticed. 

-I LOVE wolves, hopefully one day I'll live in Alaska and adopt a baby wolf pup. :)

-Everyone in my family thinks I'm insane or a nutcase. Sadly the insane asylum is full so they're stuck with me (:D)-I---<  OMG I'm sideways!!!!!

-I'm 16 years old and 5 foot 9 inches tall, yeah I come from a short family.

-Pringles are my favorite snack. 

-my computer is my life and I don't let anyone touch it....NO you cannot touch my computer!!!! I already told you that! GEEZ!

We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police. Sad how that's true around where I live....

Some people are like Slinkies ... not really good for anything, but you can't help smiling when you see one tumble down the stairs. ( Espeically when it's you annoying sibling :D )

Never underestimate the nutcase....She comprehends prodigious words... o_0

So how's it goin'?


Go on.....yup...yes...uh huh...

Hey, you're talking to your computer!



WolfChild: Illusions of Silver [book 3]

WolfChild: Illusions of Silver [book 3]

12 parts / 32 pages, updated Jul 27, 2013
**Book three, please start with the first book** One year later..... The leader of the Darks: dead. Werewolves of the world: Still surviving All ... read more
1,059 reads votes 29 comments 2
My Collection of Poems (Attys)

My Collection of Poems (Attys)

10 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 02, 2012Completed
My poem collection for the Atty Awards, Enjoy.
884 reads votes 20 comments 0
One Simple Poem

One Simple Poem

1 page, updated Jul 10, 2012Completed
A funny humorous poem that I wrote, enjoy!
32 reads votes 1 comments 0
The Story of Calamity (On Hold)

The Story of Calamity (On Hold)

12 parts / 27 pages, updated Jun 15, 2012VideoPictures
****Book Trailer about the story**** It was a week after camp started and my dad got a call from one of his workers. My dad went to go see what was going on... read more
1,370 reads votes 71 comments 33


1 page, updated May 07, 2012Completed
Yes it's kinda a cheesy title, but I wrote this poem for my five year old brother to recite to his class but when I read it to him he wanted to do a different poem, so instead of d... read more
31 reads votes 3 comments 1
WolfChild: Return of Darks [ book 2 ]

WolfChild: Return of Darks [ book 2 ]

29 parts / 75 pages, updated Apr 21, 2012Completed
* This is the second book, Please read the first if you didn't* (Author notes: Not good at these description things.) Alot has go... read more
6,266 reads votes 93 comments 6
My Popular Twin Sister

My Popular Twin Sister

29 parts / 88 pages, updated Apr 12, 2012Completed
Peaches is in everyone words "Perfect". She's popular, haves a perfect image, a model, but also haves a twin sister. Cherry is Peaches's twin sister though... read more
72,093 reads votes 896 comments 79
My Ghostly Friend

My Ghostly Friend

14 parts / 33 pages, updated Dec 10, 2011
2,755 reads votes 48 comments 9
That Camping Trip (old version)

That Camping Trip (old version)

12 parts / 20 pages, updated Nov 28, 2011Completed
Kimberly is one of those city girls who hates country folks and is failing American History class, and loves the mall and her popularity in school But worst o... read more
3,499 reads votes 97 comments 38
WolfChild   [ book 1 ]  (editing)

WolfChild [ book 1 ] (editing)

34 parts / 66 pages, updated Sep 02, 2011Completed
Werewolf, that's what Nicole is. When she returns to the woods she was once found, She finds out she's not alone this time. When she is caught by two... read more
32,597 reads votes 244 comments 76
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