My name is Harold Wilson. No I am not related! Born in England, I emigrated to Canada when I was twenty-two to take up a teaching position. During my teaching career  I developed a highly successful approach to the teaching of chemistry (P.S.Chem.), published articles in various journals, and co-authored a book - The Role of Solvents in Chemical Reactions ( Not exactly a best seller). Tired of always writing in scientific style (impersonal) I joined a writing group.   Initially I attempted a series of memoirs meant for family consumption(Oh Henry!). Encouraged by the response of group members,I self-published these short stories .I have since written five novels, without ever attempting to publish. 
      1. The Drustone - A humorous  "Historical Fiction" unlike any other.
      2. End of the Line- The tragic story of an English family who emigrated to Canada in the 1920s
      3. Forever Young - A political satire
      4. Bobby McGee - A tale featuring a village policeman in N.W. England. 
      5. Inheritance - a  romance set in England during the swinging sixties.

These will all be eventually posted on Wattpad.
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Description: How would you react to an offer of a diet that restores health and slows aging? Asthmatic, arthritic, and with his wife's dementia worsening, Walt Born was seduced. He cast his suspicions aside and moved into the free luxurious retirement home offe...

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The Drustone

The Drustone

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"Antiquities of Furness", first published in 1769 purports to give the definitive History of this region...

End of the Line

End of the Line

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During her last years my cousin Anne devoted a great deal of time to researching family history. On her...

Thanks for continuing to follow Forever Young. Your support is greatly appreciated. 
You will find as the story progresses that the research team visit various places that were featured in the first two parts of the story.
I don't think Anika and Janik would be taking sample bags on a literature search. As for Janik taking a taste, remember he is a linguist, not a scientist.
WilsonGill commented on Battle Lines - Chapter 1

This opening chapter brought back some painful memories. I was a graduate student at Rice (1968-1971) and witnessed the effects  of the draft on my classmates. So much of your opening chapter rings true.
The mere mention of black and white images in the opening paragraph was particularly effective. It reminded me of some of the horrendous post battle scenes created in the HBO series "The Pacific".
I hope you continue the story as it already has all the ingredients for a first class tale.

How far this story has come - from such innocent beginnings to the horror of the hogs. When you first mentioned the hogs I suspected what was going to happen but I thought you did a clever job of delaying the scene. 
I  understood the action of the priest in burning the suitcase - "the less you know the better". He seems to be becoming part of the cover up. Will anyone miss the itinerant miner?
I have mentioned before how much I enjoy some of the realistic touches you insert into the story . In this particular case you brought back memories of sleepless nights tending to teething babies.