My name is Harold Wilson. No I am not related! Born in England, I emigrated to Canada when I was twenty-two to take up a teaching position. During my teaching career  I developed a highly successful approach to the teaching of chemistry (P.S.Chem.), published articles in various journals, and co-authored a book - The Role of Solvents in Chemical Reactions ( Not exactly a best seller). Tired of always writing in scientific style (impersonal) I joined a writing group.   Initially I attempted a series of memoirs meant for family consumption(Oh Henry!). Encouraged by the response of group members,I self-published these short stories .I have since written five novels, without ever attempting to publish. 
      1. The Drustone - A humorous  "Historical Fiction" unlike any other.
      2. End of the Line- The tragic story of an English family who emigrated to Canada in the 1920s
      3. Forever Young - A political satire
      4. Bobby McGee - A tale featuring a village policeman in N.W. England. 
      5. Inheritance - a  romance set in England during the swinging sixties.

These will all be eventually posted on Wattpad.
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Forever Young

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Description: How would you react to an offer of a diet that restores health and slows aging? Asthmatic, arthritic, and with his wife's dementia worsening, Walt Born was seduced. He cast his suspicions aside and moved into the free luxurious retirement home offe...

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Oh Henry!

Oh Henry!

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The stories included in this prequel to "the Drustone" relate the fictional misadventures of three young...

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End of the Line

End of the Line

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During her last years my cousin Anne devoted a great deal of time to researching family history. On her...

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The Drustone

The Drustone

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"Antiquities of Furness", first published in 1769 purports to give the definitive History of this region...

Latest chapter of  Forever Young is now available.  Analysis of the powder found in the greenhouse reveals some interesting results. Investigators are puzzled by the strange vehicle discovered in the abandoned building. I'm pretty sure some readers will recognize it.

I knew there was a kindred spirit out there. Thanks for the read, the vote and the corrections (already made). Two of the chapters in this book "Fancy Dress" and "The Geese are Getting Fat" you have read before, but there are seven new ones in this little book that I am uploading for the festive season.

You love to tease the reader. " Bandits? No,it's much worse than that." stopped me in my tracks. No wonder you are retaining so many readers. Voted.
I wondered about the opening paragraph.Could the geographical features of the pass and the location of Marcus' home be revealed as the trek progresses? I found that I could go from the sentence ending "manhood" to the paragraph beginning "The Coubin Pass..." without a problem. Just a thought.

Flossy has left me as confused as Elizabeth. What exactly do they intend to do to her? 
I know you write on the fly, but sentences such as "Elizabeth stood up nad got dreesed before kocking on the door" is going to turn off many readers. A simple spell check would avoid this. 
"The hall was dark and cool, the air moist." ( a way to avoid repetition of "was")
Henry's early problems with Uncle Steve; read all about them in Chapter Two of "Oh! Henry" just uploaded. Details of the sexual life of the camel are available upon request.