Well let's see. My favorite color is blue. I'm in chorus. I play clarinet and piano. I am the number one fan of wolves and all animals. I am a great writer, artist, and singer. I play tennis, golf, and I'm on the swim team. You're amazing, I love you and you should too. Everything is so much funnier when you're not allowed to laugh. Agreed? I write stories about wolves, canines, and fan fictions. Anyways, I'm pretty awesome. Get to know me? ;)

BTW I have a Goodreads account with more of my writing. 
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Guardians of The Falls

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Description: A little black pup is born without an eye, and is left at the edge of a cliff to die. Luckily, a she wolf called Maybelle comes along and raises the little black pup as her own. Although the pup isn't raised by its milk mother, it survives against a...

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From My View (Writing Contest)

From My View (Writing Contest)

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A short script from the points of view of a wolf, and a caribou for a group writing contest.

Meeting One Direction

Meeting One Direction

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Some say One Direction is their life. Samantha, Alyssa, Emma, Amber, and Aila are LIVING with them. When...

Flame Wolf

Flame Wolf

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Join little Flame on an unforgettable adventure as she goes through lives as a wolf, trying to figure ou...



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