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The Un-Clichéd Cliché RejectionThe Un-Clichéd Cliché RejectionForever and a DayForever and a Day

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oh that was so beautiful! The robot was touching and almost childlike which made this story seem even more real. The only aspect that was a little...
The Little Robot: A Short S...

Wow! The story was amazing. I especially enjoyed the dynamic between the human and Ai, reminded me of Bladerunner a little bit. Anyways, the...
A Bitter Pill: A Short Story

SOOO excited! you dont understand...i've been anxiously awaiting this!
Skipping Time

i really don't like how Leila refuses to admit Liam did something wrong - i mean he took another wolves mate (regardless of the reasons) - and as...
The Alpha Meets His Match

OMG unless Cassidy IS his mate! That changes a lot, but wouldn't Liam have said something?
The Alpha Meets His Match