chocolate, it is mana from heaven.
I read anything, I burn through books and stories like people change their underwear. 
secondary characters, I find main characters are too good.
bad boys, married a reformed one.
true musicians


hypocrites, don't set one standard for me and another for yourself.
Manipulation, if you just straight out ask me to do something I will try my best but try and manipulate me into it and I will run away in the opposite direction
perfection, it's always an illusion and will mislead you

My personal motto (have no idea who originally said it)

If you don't like something ..... change it.
If you can't change it ... change the way you think about it.
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Cast Away

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First Sight (Editing and major storyline changes in process)

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Whos_on_First commented on Dragonfly - Chapter 21

His expression changed as he talked about his work. He became more focused and a little excited. It reminded me of how Julian would get when he told me about one of his new art projects, and my anxie...
Except Meg and bill were married long before Julian was born, because they had will who is quite a bit older than Julian and the twins.  I agree that Bill senior is Julian's dad, he's just a cheater is all