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~We read to know that we are not alone~ William Nicholson

~Ed Sheeran is perfection, your argument is invalid~

Hello there, the name's Ella but you can call me El.

 @LifesTooShort15 is my sister from another mister! She's literally perfection and is the reason the word 'amazing' was invented. I couldn't ask for a better internet friend/sister and you all better give her some love and treat her with respect because she's one of the strongest people I've ever 'met'. She's honestly another version of me except she BRITISH! So what's not to love? (:

Other than Ed Sheeran, I love food, cats and writing.

Although I'm absolute rubbish at singing, I enjoy breaking out into a song or two just to deafen my family.

I haven't got much to say but I'm a pretty nice person so don't hesitate to send a message I will always reply :)


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