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Name Intrepid Skye
Location 'Merica
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xx I'm 18 years old
xx College student
xx I horseback ride.
xx I'm not a hick, though.
xx I appreciate grammar.
xx I can't spell to save my life.
xx Like, really, I'm awful at it.
xx Beautiful things make me cry.
xx Actually, a lot makes me cry.
xx I am a lover of all handsome men.
xx You know who you are.
xx I like music. 
xx Not the Korean kind.
xx It freaks me out.
xx I love Jesus.
xx You should, too.
xx Read my stories.
xx They're pretty good. 
xx I write best when I'm half asleep.
xx Life is exploding, and I'm trying to keep up.
xx Thus, if I do update a story, updates will be slow.
xx I tried being a positive person once. 
xx It didn't really work out too well.
xx I'm always poor.
xx My horse eats all my money. 
xx He's really cute, though.
xx I was a child prodigy.
xx I'm kind of a teen failure.
xx I don't like crowds.
xx I don't really like people.
xx I hated people before it was cool.
xx Like when I was five I walked around biting people.
xx Because I hated them.
xx How's ^^^ for a sentence, grammar nazis?
xx The highway don't care, bro.
xx Tim McGraw cares, though.
xx I hate Shakespeare.
xx Hamlet is my favorite play ever, though. 
xx My favorite author is John Green. 
xx His words...there are none to describe.
xx I've tried to be culturally well-rounded before.
xx You know, listen to 'good' music, read 'good' books.
xx I'll stick to main-stream, thanks.
xx Fleetwood Mac is weeeiiiiirrrrdddd. 
xx I was meant to be born in like the 3000's.
xx I'm prone to frequent bursts of anger.
xx I'm not afraid to say what needs to be said.
xx Boys don't really appreciate that all too often.
xx I write about real stuff.
xx My characters aren't fake.
xx I don't believe in true love. 
xx A lot of what I read on here is disheartening.
xx I've messed up. 
xx Insert sob story.
xx When I'm angry, I rap to Eminem.
xx My parents think it's funny. 
xx I like sad stories. 
xx Cheesy romances make me cry.
xx Be my friend.

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