My name is Haley. I love to draw... mostly dresses. When I go to college and hopefully graduate, i hope to become a fashion designer.

My favorite subject overall in school is social studies(world history) because it teaches you about the history of our ancestors and over time curiosity got the best of me and so i loved it.

My Zodiac sign is Cancer and It tells alot of me. I am quiet shy but if i get to know you and you get to know me, you'll know that i'm quiet the talker.

My favorite books on wattpad and genre, The Client-KanyeInturrptedme- His right-Sexton my favorite genre is at least a high maturity book, so much hate for cheesy romance, not a fan. Werewolf, Romance, Historical Romance, King Arthur like stuff.._Huge geek in that department _

Though I am very young, I have read the famous book Fifty Shades of Grey and a little disappointed by the movie but still enthusiastic about the next. The way I think of life is that every person has a different story and each is different but I will never know..

My Favorite shows huge Charmed Fan, Bones, Sword art online, Doctor who, Maidsama,-someone please help me with the name its been nearly a year since I've watched it but i still loved it- Kamisama Hajememeshita Vampire diaries, Vampire Knight, Friends, American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Life after people (Doc.), Oh and that one movie where all the cartoons come to the real world!

My favorite bands/Artists-and please don't judge me of my taste in music- HUGE Imagine Dragons Fan, Neyo, The Frey, Rihanna,Fantasia, The Fray, Keri Hilson, Beyonce, Christina Grimmie, Chris Brown -sometimes- Nicki Minaj - sometimes- Demi Lavato... I think that's it.

._. You have no idea how much i told you o-o 1884 words worth
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Description: This book is filled with my favorite books and authors. Some are filled with fantasy worlds the author has created that seem like they should be real, some are calm and simple romance, some are cheesy, some are very unpredictable. I am not sure how...

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