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Hello! Welcome to our headquarters :)

Who we are:

We're basically an unofficial group of Wattpaders who want to help and support the community. We're here to help you out and be your friends!

We'd like to remain anonymous because we want to do this without getting anything in return. Absolutely nothing. We're a community, a team, and we should help each other out, hmm? :)

Here's what we do:

1) We're taking reading requests :) So feel free to advertise your stories on our message board! We'll be sure to check it out! You can either request for a critique or a comment on your story :)

2) We make decent covers :) Don't be afraid to Private Message (PM) us for a cover!

3) Contrary to what our name suggests, we don't go around mass fanning people for no absolute reason. Nope, we don't do that! We simply fan people whom we've actually talked to and read their works :) So don't be a silent Wattpader and type out some comments!

4) We do fan back but don't make fanning us an opportunity for you to gain a fan before un-fanning us. It makes us feel as if we've been used and it is plain rude to do that just because you want an extra fan. It seriously isn't that hard for us to be a fan of you!

5) Interviews. We do interviews too but please don't request an interview from us. We're kind of busy with the interviews we're doing right now! Sorry!

6) We do promotions! Make sure it has more than 4+ chapters so that your readers can really get into the story and loyally support your works :)

7) We're friends! Just drop us a note because we don't bite!

Thank you to those who have fanned us! We'll continue to be loyal supporters of our fans' works ♥ And don't forget that we'll always be there for you even though we don't know who you are :) As long as you're a Wattpader, we'll give you our full support!

That sounded cheesy...

Keep that quill pen inked, people!
And don't stop that page turning :)

WeFanEveryone ♥


Wattpad Interviews

Wattpad Interviews

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Featuring the interviews from some of your favorite authors on Wattpad! We'd like to thank everyone who has taken time off from their busy schedules to answer the questions! Cover image 'doodle' from Cover by Effervescence_
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