Too many ideas ... , but don't know where to start :P
      Favorite Stories ^_____________^
      *She's dating the gangster. 
      *My Girl & I (1 & 2) 
      *Secretly Married 
      *Talk back and You're DEAD!
      *Fall For Me
      *Engaging the enemy.
      *Breaking The Cassanova's Heart - Operation
      *Bad girl VS. The Player
      *I met a jerk whose name is Seven
      *Hey Mr. Kidnapper, Can You Give Me a Ride Home?
      *The Ex- Best Friend
      *A Criminal's Kiss
      *High School Scandal (Boyxboy)
      *Diary ng Panget - Diary ni Eya
      *A and D
      *Reincarnation of Lucifer
      *Class 3-C has a Secret
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