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Hello Everyone,  this is @JadeVince146 here A.K.A The..The..THE GRINCH!! And I'm here to do my best friends' bio!

→Okay, so first we have Vince! (The sexy pfp is me! ~  Vince) Shut up Vince! -.-
→He's half Italian so he's extremely tanned. Damn, I wish I had his skin!
→He's single because no girl wants him because he's an #UglyTwat Jk, that was me being horrible. 
→He never shares his Oreos which pisses me off.

→Next up it's James! The one in the bg! 
→He's a total bad boy but deep inside, he's the biggest sweetheart ever! ♥
→He always gets into fights.
→He's single but he says girls always hurt him so he doesn't like to bother,  so if he does bother with you, he must really like you! :D

→Then there's Jayden, my cute buddy! 
→He has an annoying twin called Damon, jk Damons awesome and you should totally follow him @TooMuchSexiness
→Only I have the privilege to call him Jay Jay :P
→He is the sweetest guy ever and he is really easy to talk to!

→Then there's Danny!
→Biggest nerd ever! 
→He's a complete joker and enjoys calling people poo face.
→He always sings out of tune and deafens me!
→Loves cats!
→He always uses big words to confuse me. You're such a poo face Danny boy!

→All the guys love:
*Me haha
*Goats o.O

→All the guys are:
*Between the ages of 17-19
*Extremely tall
*Total Freaks
*My besties ♥

So I'm out but you should totally follow and PM them, they always reply!  Ooh, and make sure you check out their stories! And ask them absolutely-tutely ANYTHING on their  Love you all! ♥

~Hall of Fame~

♡ @JadeVince146@Just_Luke@sarahm18@Kay2499@Insert_Name_Heree@abby_luvz4


Q & A

Q & A

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This is our Q&A book. If you have any questions, PM us.
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What A Guy Wants

What A Guy Wants

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I want her. We want her. Just her. What happens when seven guys are best friends with one beautiful girl. And what happens if that one girl is oblivious to the fact that every guy wants, needs her?
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