Hello Everyone,  this is @JadeVince146 here A.K.A The..The..THE GRINCH!! And I'm here to do my best friends' bio!

→Okay, so first we have Vince! (The sexy pfp is me! ~  Vince) Shut up Vince! -.-
→He's half Italian so he's extremely tanned. Damn, I wish I had his skin!
→He's single because no girl wants him because he's an #UglyTwat Jk, that was me being horrible. 
→He never shares his Oreos which pisses me off.

→Next up it's James! The one in the bg! 
→He's a total bad boy but deep inside, he's the biggest sweetheart ever! ♥
→He always gets into fights.
→He's single but he says girls always hurt him so he doesn't like to bother,  so if he does bother with you, he must really like you! :D

→Then there's Jayden, my cute buddy! 
→He has an annoying twin called Damon, jk Damons awesome and you should totally follow him @TooMuchSexiness
→Only I have the privilege to call him Jay Jay :P
→He is the sweetest guy ever and he is really easy to talk to!

→Then there's Danny!
→Biggest nerd ever! 
→He's a complete joker and enjoys calling people poo face.
→He always sings out of tune and deafens me!
→Loves cats!
→He always uses big words to confuse me. You're such a poo face Danny boy!

→All the guys love:
*Me haha
*Goats o.O

→All the guys are:
*Between the ages of 17-19
*Extremely tall
*Total Freaks
*My besties ♥

So I'm out but you should totally follow and PM them, they always reply!  Ooh, and make sure you check out their stories! And ask them absolutely-tutely ANYTHING on their ask.fm http://ask.fm/WeAreHotAndDangerous  Love you all! ♥

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