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❥ Ever After High fan ❥ VC Andrews adorer ❥ ✩Super Mario Galaxy lover★ ❥ Hardcore Lady Gaga fan ❥ Haim fanatic ❥ Mika fangirl ❥ NHS member ❥ Full IB kid ❥ Champion City Scholar ❥ Upward Bounder ❥ Key Club ❥ Drama Club ❥ Spanish Club ❥ HS Senior ❥ Lover of the arts ❥ Humanitarian ❥ Believer in free expression ❥ Egalitarian ❥ Favorite Soundtrack is Hans Zimmer - Time ❥ ❈ Winter-lover. ☃ ❥
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✄I will not EVER cancel or discontinue any story no matter what. Once it's posted, it's staying no matter how terrible I think it is
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✄I don't hold back in any of my stories, I go over the boundaries no matter how taboo the subject is. 
✄I try to get a feel for most genres
✄I don't appreciate comments like, "OMG UPDATE NOW!" I like ACTUAL feedback or questions concerning the story
✄Please no advertising on my profile comment section, stories, or private messages
✄I don't do 'follow for a follow'. I'd much prefer someone to fan me because they like my stories. 
✄I'm basic at making book covers
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Transparently Flawed

Social data: 81 reads. 4 votes. 9 comments.

Description: ❝Perfection is not attainable or possible.❞ To everyone else, Xenna is the epitome of perfection, but Darla doesn't see perfection, she sees beauty.

#814 in ChickLit

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