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Name Sophie
Location Phoenix, US
Member Since Apr 15, 2010
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☣ Sophie Eamon and yes, my icon is me.
☣ I was born this was twenty years ago.
☣ Currently studying the art of suicide and insanity.
☣ Both women and men attract me.
☣ I'm probably one of the most straight forward people you'll ever met.
☣ This planet will be all mine one day.
☣ I'm a little monster, baby. 
☣ Art for the sake of art. 
☣ I'm part of the Illuminati.
☣ I want your soul, your oh-so yummy souls.
☣ I talk like a black girl sometimes - deal with it!
☣ If your story isn't edited and thought provoking, then honey, move on over. 
☣ Golf is a fetish of mine, which I know nothing about.
☣ Bazinga!
☣  @DrizztBaker wants to have my babies and be a sexy pregnant man with man titties.
☣ Live for the moment, it's your right of passage.
☣ I don't believe in love, but I do believe in aliens.
☣ My superhero name is Amazonia and my power is that my chest can grow large enough to block a whole room.
☣ I'm not a superhero, in theory.
☣ Only three people on here know my middle name, but to each it's a different one.
☣ I like to keep whats mine tucked away from humanities reach, so  @SecretKeeper is never in sight.
☣ You, yes you reading this, I am your father.
☣ I have a deep thing for Star Wars & Star Trek.

-Sophie =)

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@janinemimi ; Bageberz- shivers :) I knew that I shouldnt of use that, noone use's that word anymore. But its a funk word nevertheless...
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