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You have currently entered the country of RANDOMIA, ruled by the most excellent girls VODKA & TOAST.

The history of these rulers date back to the year of 2011. These ferocious girls decided that it was their time to shine and, with their overactive imaginations, they created what is now known as Randomia. These 18 year old girls blighted through many trials and tribulations, such as writer's block, sugar rush hangovers, and the distraction of watching anime for long periods of time. Nonetheless, these girls were determined to start their own stories that magically sprouted from the depths of their nerdy minds that were filled with fantasy and wishes.

Though they completely suck at having a set schedule for updating said stories they are determined to finish them before they take on the challenge of ruling the world(in their mind at least)! Randomia is a place where these girls are the leaders and their slaves-ahem I mean people ;D-support their radical thinking from owning flying unicorns to the mind police who want to destroy their creative thinking.

If you have fanned Vodka-Toast, it is a great pleasure to reward you with a Randomian citizenship.

Where our motto is 'If our ideas were to suck we would kill them.'

Vodka-Toast base many of their characters personalities from cliche stereotypes(in some cases) and their favorite anime characters. They are truly nerds at heart, but their fierce imagination is what they are known for (and if it wasn't that then they have know clue what the are known for).

In conclusion! Welcome to the fantastic country of Randomia.

Location for Randomia is a secret. If said information is leaked out then Vodka Toast Task Force Team will have to silence the perpetrators!!
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Description: Has been Rated R because of extremely strong language, drug and alcohol abuse, non-explicit mentions of sex and one of my characters is just blunt as all get out! (Darn you Crista!) HuBio the leading corporation bringing the latest technology and re...

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awe thanks! i try to be as simple as possible and usually whoever intiates the conversation Person a: balrewfuhje and then Person b: jkhsadbfj and then it just continues like that! Its honestly super hard to try and come up with a descriptor to show what a character looks like for every single line of dialogue! But if you have any questions on who is speaking please highlight the line and leave a comment and I will gladly tell you who said what!
Vodka-Toast commented on A Deal With An Angel - Chapter 7

Thanks so much! I will continue to write on the sequel as long as I see readers. I've been in a rift because the feedback has trickled down a little, but I will never give up! I used to be a silent reader myself until I realized how much comments or even votes can impact the writer! I love feedback whether its good or bad!
Vodka-Toast commented on A Deal With An Angel - Chapter 7

I’m sorry that took up a lot of space and shit, but I needed to get out my feelings. Anyway here is the chapter! ^.^
Awe thanks I am so happy that my books make you laugh and feel better! That was my ultimate goal when I created Alona and her crazy universe! I want those people who feel like they don't belong or get treated differently (Much like how I was) to be able to connect to a character on all different levels and know that you should only try to be the best you that you can be.
MWHAHAHAHAHA!!! Cookies have invaded your profile!! Just wanted to say love your book Deal With A Demon!! So funny!! Definitely checking out Deal with an angel!!