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'She isn't lost... she just doesn't belong'

☥ Her Awesomeness is of the belief that she was born in the wrong era and in the wrong country
☥ She wields her pen like a sword, slaying enemies with sarcasm
☥She has been banishing stereotypes ever since she chose Nerf over a Barbie
☥Making the world an awesome place ever since the Great Kurt Cobain decided to pass on the legacy *may the High Emperor's soul rest in peace*

Pharaoh Vizeopatra makes YouTube videos in the hopes that one day, Sire Robert Pattinson will visit her empire:
She wastes her life on the internet for the well being of... well... there's no reason for it, really. ♚

She has her own:
♚ Ze weird aczent mowmentz 
♚ Me Gusta moments
♚ Soccer Nerd moments
♚ Swearing in Shakespearean moments

Her kingdom stretches far and wide:
Twitter: @Viz_Lfc
Instagram: thatindianchick_
YouTube: /TheWeirdosInvade

*The fan fiction the visitor sees below was unearthed three thousand moons ago- when Her Highness had not realised her History, had been a naive teen. She continues it for the happiness of the people of the kingdom who reside there* A map to the kingdom on Facebook:

*ALL ADVERTS SHALT BE BANISHED TO THE DEEPEST PITS OF TARTARUS, where her dearest frienimy Kronos resides*

Join her army of Dragonicorns in their path to world dominance. Thou shalt be rewarded.

Words of wisdom from Her Awesomeness, the Great Vizeopatra: "Pizza"


Charming Sapphire

Charming Sapphire

2 parts / 9 pages, updated Apr 09, 2014PG-13
“In my kingdom, a girl like you would be declared a witch,” He sulked, making me snort. “In my world, you’d be declared mentally retarded.” Sometimes, fairy-tales aren'... read more
26 reads votes 5 comments 1
'Way' Beyond Forever {Twilight Fan Fiction}

'Way' Beyond Forever {Twilight Fan Fiction}

45 parts / 202 pages, updated Mar 04, 2014PG-13
**Taking his face in my hands, I stood on my tiptoes and made him lean a bit towards me since he was so damn tall. I touched my forehead again... read more
175,668 reads votes 2,297 comments 1,190


3 pages, updated May 31, 2013Completed
When two half-hearts come together... An entry for 'The English Teacher' Screenplay Writing Contest! Exactly 1500 words.
73 reads votes 2 comments 5
Bloody Elements!! (Watty Awards 2011 Finalist)

Bloody Elements!! (Watty Awards 2011 Finalist)

15 parts / 42 pages, updated Nov 30, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Some say that fire is the most powerful element on Earth. What would happen if the master of that element comes back into power after centuries, ... read more
19,021 reads votes 730 comments 743
Falling (Attys 2012)

Falling (Attys 2012)

1 page, updated Sep 25, 2012GCompleted
An entry for the Attys. I don't have a knack for poetry, nor have I any idea how this one is- but it doesn't hurt to try, right?
107 reads votes 9 comments 11
Blood Pact

Blood Pact

6 pages, updated Jan 12, 2012PG-13Completed
What happens when friendship is bound by something that lies way beyond ones understanding?
576 reads votes 36 comments 72
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