Hi, I'm Viv. I'm a bunch of years old, have a bunch of interests, and writing is one of them.

The majority of my stories are/ will be in the LGBT genre, because it is a topic close to my heart, so if you don't like that, it is your loss I suppose. I will be branching out into straight romances soon, but I want to finish what I have so far, which will take a while.

I have a lot on, and I know a lot of you like my stuff, but please don't pressure me to upload because it can get annoying getting however many messages a week when I don't actually have the time. I love you though for sticking with me through my publishing dry spell, so to speak, so thank you for that and please keep your eyes peeled for uploads. 

If you have any queries about stories then inbox me and I will get back to you, same with if you just fancy a chat. Equally if you notice a typo or massive stupid mistake, please please please leave a comment or inbox me so I don't look like a total bellend.

I've recently deleted a few stories, but they'll be back up when I've EVENTUALLY completed the sequel to "Wild and Loving It (boyxboy)", which is "Happy Families? Don't Make Me Laugh (boyxboy)", and Thin Is Good (boyxboy), and whatever else I have on the go at the minute.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy my works and have a nice day/ night/ morning/ afternoon/ life. 


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Happy Families? Don't Make Me Laugh (boyxboy)

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Description: Casey, Oz, Danny and Jesse; it’s almost ten years since these four boys left school as two married couples. Both having adopted children, it is obvious things will have changed. For the better or worse though, no one can be sure. (Sequel to Wild and...


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Reuben is straight. It's something he'd been fine with - even thought was normal - until he went to a ne...

Okay guys I'm taking down Wild and Loving It. Not forever. Just to redo it. Reading through it, I've realised I'm not happy with the pace and things like that. But I'll leave it up for now and then take it down when I've redone it, so it won't ever actually not be there. Please read the newer version and vote and comment on any further improvements and whether or not you like my changes that I've made. Thanks babycakes. <3