Motivation is hard to strive for, and yet I seek it whenever I write. Few stories are in the making, and they should be uploaded soon. 

A Distinctive Affair has been uploaded. It is in fact a new story, please check it out. Leave a comment or vote, based on whether or not you liked it. It would be highly appreciated. 
Please and thank you. 
- Sarah
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A Distinctive Affair

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Description: It is morally known that when humanity is asked to avoid a certain predicament, the opposite is more than likely to happen. Ruby Miller finds herself going against society's rules, possibly for her own happiness.

The bell rang for next lesson so Tori got up out of her seat and picked up her phone off the table and chucked it into her pocket. Tori walked out of the cooler and made her way to her neck lesson: S...
'Chucked it' has been used way too many times..I think if this were to be re-edited, there should be several different phrases for it. Just sayin'

My name is Isabella Ace, voted by the popular people as 'the ugliest girl' you could find at Woodway Prep. I can see why though, I do weigh 300 pounds. That's right, I'm fat and I get teased a lot. I...
LOL fat isn't ugly. Hellooooo look at Adele, Miranda Lambert..and the list goes on. It's how someone presents themselves that really shows their beauty