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Motivation is hard to strive for, and yet I seek it whenever I write. Few stories are in the making, and they should be uploaded soon. 

A Distinctive Affair has been uploaded. It is in fact a new story, please check it out. Leave a comment or vote, based on whether or not you liked it. It would be highly appreciated. 
Please and thank you. 
- Sarah


A Distinctive Affair

A Distinctive Affair

5 parts / 4 pages, updated Feb 09, 2014
It is morally known that when humanity is asked to avoid a certain predicament, the opposite is more than likely to happen. Ruby Miller finds herself going against society's rules, possibly for her own happiness.
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You're an amazing writer! Loved the book, looking forward to reading the next one x - Sarah
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Upload :D!
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You're kidding! That's it :o!!!! You can't leave us hanging- still, it's as awesome as ever ;) Update sooooooooooon. - Sarah
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