Well I'm 19, I like to read a fair bit, you know considering I really don't have a life and all. . . And sometimes I even write though apparently most of the time my brain just doesn't want to cooperate.

In a nut shell I'm a little. . . Quirky? 
I like to read all sorts of different stories and have a constantly changing mind set so I follow and un-follow a lot depending on what is interesting to me that day/week/month/year etc. But the one thing that never changes is my love of a good plot with a happy ending. As cliché as that is. 

And just as a random question, do you ever feel like you're the last sane person on this planet? Because sometimes I do and it's not a great feeling. . . Common Sense apparently just isn't that common. . .

and that's pretty much it. . . 

Thanks for your time!!!
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Violett_Night commented on Alpha - 15 |

She shouldn't be drinking coffee, it's bad for the baby.

Aura's now, well case in point that could just mean that danger is on the way and there will be a time of sadness. 
Perhaps something to do with her brother or family?

Plus he only said she's be sad not that she'd be in physical pain so its OK to bet that something will happen to someone close to her.

Anyway, update again when you get the chance :)
Violett_Night commented on Struck (A Vampire Novel) - Twenty-Six

Ok this seems like a bad kind of idea, but then again I'd imagine saying 'No' to Aveline is a task in of itself. . . especially considering she's Jacobi's family.

So road trip. . . Coretine will not be pleased, and it also leaves me wondering what Aveline is planning. 
Ever since Elysia fessed up Aveline's been overly hyped and seems to be plotting. . .

On a side note Wyatt seems like a cool guy.

Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter!

I just love how this story gets updated twice a week, I literally just wait for this story to be updated.

Though since I'll have to wait until Monday, I guess I'll just watch 'Warehouse 13' in the mean time. :)