Well I'm 19, I like to read a fair bit, you know considering I really don't have a life and all. . . And sometimes I even write though apparently most of the time my brain just doesn't want to cooperate.

In a nut shell I'm a little. . . Quirky? 
I like to read all sorts of different stories and have a constantly changing mind set so I follow and un-follow a lot depending on what is interesting to me that day/week/month/year etc. But the one thing that never changes is my love of a good plot with a happy ending. As cliché as that is. 

And just as a random question, do you ever feel like you're the last sane person on this planet? Because sometimes I do and it's not a great feeling. . . Common Sense apparently just isn't that common. . .

and that's pretty much it. . . 

Thanks for your time!!!
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Reading Lists

It took me like an hour to read this chapter because I kept stopping because I cringe and close my eyes when I see people embarrassing themselves. . .  
I was getting all nervous the minute you started to describe his dad and just knew it was pretty bad.
6 hours for the wrong guy. . . *visibly cringes*

on another note I was sad to hear that Mrs. Chung was cut out, I liked her. 
But now hopefully Jade will be earning more money for her family, Though maybe Jade should update her wardrobe, based on the Big Bosses reaction to her fashion choice. She doesn't have to get rid of her old stuff per se but maybe if she went to the OP shop to find some other clothes and re-sew some outfits. 

Or something. . . sorry I was just thinking of her old dresses and wondered what a it would look like if she pulled some of them apart and re-sewed them to fit better and be a little more unique. Like pull apart a dress and make a skirt and jacket and them all she need is a button-up shirt and it would be a pretty cool look. . . but then again I'm always over thinking things. . . so sorry don't mind me. . .

Update again when you can :)

I'm getting an 'Indiana Jones' vibe, I just hope there's no giant bolder chasing her if she does complete this mission. My only problem is that she's given a partner but is essentially competing with her to stay alive.

That Nullify-er guy is way whack. . . that and there are clearly people out there who think he favours her, or at least that's the impression I got from Kitty/Nyx's partner.

And then there's the fact that if you include the red and black looney toone, Zeke and Blake/Obsidian she has three guys going after her when six months ago she was almost invisible. . .

I just hope none of this (The Blake/Obsidian thing, lying to Conner/Dash, stealing all this weird powerful stuff) comes back to haunt her, though I have a feeling it all will knowing that's how a story works.
Bad decisions (even when undercover) always come back with a vengeance.

Update again when you get the chance :)