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Well I like to read a fair bit, you know considering I really don't have a life and all. . . And sometimes I even write though apparently most of the time my brain just doesn't want to cooperate.

In a nut shell I'm a little. . . Quirky? 
I like to read all sorts of different stories and have a constantly changing mind set so I follow and un-follow a lot depending on what is interesting to me that day/week/month/year etc. But the one thing that never changes is my love of a good plot with a happy ending. As cliché as that is. 

And just as a random question, do you ever feel like you're the last sane person on this planet? Because sometimes I do and it's not a great feeling. . . Common Sense apparently just isn't that common. . .

and that's pretty much it. . . 

Thanks for your time!!!
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