Hey. Mah cousin (the one I'm secretly in love with) recommended this shithole, so here I am, gay and proud! Don't like that? Kiss your own ass cuz I don't want ya hate on mine!
      Vivien's the name, and HELL YEAH, that's my name.
      I play football, I swim, I read, I love Mac and Cheese... >_>
      Disowned, but fuck them.
      Spongebob's my pal, Flapjack's my bud, Ferb's my brother.
      As you asses out there can see, I cuss alot. No offense. 
      That's me in the pic and background. Like what you see? Whatever, sugarbabes.
      Music and food. Can't live without em'. Chocolate too. 
      Gs' @Elysea my bitch. Fuck off.
      Any question? Don't be a wuss, ask away.
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    On @Elysea's bed...Literally...
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    3 years ago

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