Someone copied, word per word, one of my stories and claimed it as their own work. I was hurt deeply and very upset. Thankfully, that story and person's page has been taken down. However, it does not stop that person from creating a new website and coping me again. Or anyone else for that matter.

Which is why I want to start a movement. Stop Copying, Be Creative. Please report any copying of stories. Don't let it slide. As an author I am very upset to see so many people do it thinking it's okay.

It's not.

A copier is like a cheater: They do it once, they will do it again.

Don't let it happen. No one should go through what I went through. Support each other. Keep the good, get rude of the bad. I know it will be difficult to do especially when some fanfics kind of overlap each other. But if someone is taking word per work or using the same OC, please don't be quiet.

Report it.

We might be strangers on a computer screen, but we are also writers with ideas and thoughts. Don't steal. Ask for permission. Or try to get your own idea going without taking from the original.

Spread awareness! Stop Copying, Be Creative.
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UchihaLegend posted a message to VampireFangx
hiya i've been reading welcome to hell i mean naruto and i find it good :) anyway i just wanted to tell you that i cared about what you say atthe start of every chapter... haha
Hello I was wondering is your book 'Welcome to hell.' completed because I really want to read it but I dont like not being able to finish a book straight away.