Being Gothic - that's like the most important thing in my life. I get enamored by emo and punk as well... But nothing can get anywhere closer 2Goth.
Well I love reading: I can read the whole day and night and I wouldn't get tired ( that's exaggerated but true ).
I love junk food- can survive on it.
Well, I'm a Muslim for life and proud: NB- Nothing can change that.
I'm kind 2everyone just the mean ones bring out my worst side. I love life and believe theres only one life- no reincarnation in Islam.
Not 2forget!! I LOVE APPLE PRODUCTS! My life!
I'm a very random person, love socialising.
My favorite colors are: Black, purple and red.... Absolutely dark :D
Fan @Vampgummer that's my other id, I use it with my bestie, that's @SagalAbdi- you know she's awesome!
If you read my stories, please make an effort to vote and tell me what you think about them...
I'd really appreciate it :)
Thanks :))
* I fan back, by the way*
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Do I truly deserve it?

Do I truly deserve it?

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Beautiful Me...

Beautiful Me...

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Beth and I look at the two boys thinking that they’ve obviously lost their minds. Why would these strangers whom we treat like scum half the time want to spare us the torture that is mystery meat Tue...
why are you being like Nicole ? she treats you like scum as well. you should be able to emphasize and know better than thinking of another person as scum. just the way Nicole does.