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I guess it's obvious, but I'll say it anyway: writing is my passion. I think creating fictional worlds and supernatural realms where anything and everything can happen is just about the coolest thing ever. Writing can take you almost anywhere-- beyond the boundaries of reality, even-- and I think it's fun to explore that.

Random facts about me:

I'm huge on procrastinating. Homework, chores, it doesn't matter, I always find ways to avoid things until the last possible second.

I can go on youtube and watch the 'Alex reads twilight' videos over and over and still get a good laugh every time.

There is no one on this earth who can convince me that there's a better show out there than The Vampire Diaries, or a better book series than The Hunger Games. It just isn't possible.

There's also no one who can convince me that there is a chocolate in existence that tastes better than Lindor. While we're on the subject of dessert, I might as well say that I think Cold Stone ice cream is just as good as Häagen-Dazs.

So kill me, I like Glee. Every time I watch an episode, I wonder why I even bother. It's been almost 2 full seasons and I still don't have an answer. There's just something oddly addictive about it.

I'm a little contradictory. For example: I hate going shopping but love getting new clothes, I love the outdoors (sports, hiking etc.) but can't stand mud, and I love animals but if someone were to throw a frog or lizard on me, I think I'd have a heart attack.

This barely scratches the surface of my personality, but it's impossible to fully describe myself in less than 2000 characters. So, if you've just wasted a few minutes of your limited time here on Earth by reading this, then THANK YOU! :) And feel free to take a look at my work.

P.S. - Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated :)


Eternal Entrapment

Eternal Entrapment

2 pages, updated Apr 08, 2011
531 reads votes 11 comments 18
Silenced in Silence

Silenced in Silence

1 page, updated Feb 24, 2011Completed
178 reads votes 7 comments 10
The Mystery Of Death

The Mystery Of Death

1 page, updated Dec 28, 2010
73 reads votes 3 comments 2
Creatures Of The Night (a 'Help My Soul' prequel)

Creatures Of The Night (a 'Help My Soul' prequel)

1 page, updated Dec 26, 2010
64 reads votes 2 comments 3
Perpetual Shadows

Perpetual Shadows

1 page, updated Dec 24, 2010Completed
168 reads votes 5 comments 9
Thoughts To Share

Thoughts To Share

10 parts / 2 pages, updated Dec 18, 2010G
This is just a collection of random poems I write.
2,538 reads votes 38 comments 61
Help My Soul (a poem about Edgar Allan Poe)

Help My Soul (a poem about Edgar Allan Poe)

1 page, updated Dec 14, 2010
439 reads votes 4 comments 3
Angel Of Temptation

Angel Of Temptation

1 page, updated Dec 06, 2010GCompleted
492 reads votes 8 comments 8
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This is a really great poem. Kudos to you :)
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Wow. This is talent. Yeah, it would've been cool if it was longer but the emotion you managed to portray in just 750 words is incredible. Great job :)
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This isn't my usual type of story, but I actually think it was oddly entertaining. Great work with the story-telling. This is just a side note but...
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