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Name Diana and Odessa McFreakster
Location Placeville
Birthday Jul 02
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Great friends of mine in real life @XxBriannaVonVanityxX - she's awesome but if u hurt her get ready for ur doom :D ok. other awesome people @BLUEhairedFREAKguy- me and him just started talking and he's awesome and if u hurt him i will not be very nice. Well im very nice and the girl i share this account is very nice:D  F.Y.I I'm very protective of my friend (diana) 

yeah i'm making another wattpad with my family friend Andwer so yeah if u want fan us :) still diana

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Fantasy Role Play [Closed]

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*I gaze down at the top of her dyed head* "I promise," I say. *We hug for a few more minutes* "We should get going to cla-" I start, but I get...
Fantasy Role Play [Closed]

As me and Rosily stared to walk out of the office Rosily see's the girl who helped her earlier. But then Rosily is still holding my hand tightly....
Fantasy Role Play [Closed]

Fantasy Role Play [Closed]

*I hang my head in shame* "Sorry... Let's go..." I mumble. *I get up and walk behind Rosily down to the principals office. I feel so stupid! I...
Fantasy Role Play [Closed]

"ouch that really hurts Rosily please let go. Rosily please i don't like the pain. I'll stop fighting and I'll sit with you as long as you don't...
Fantasy Role Play [Closed]