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When I:
Fan- that means you left a mark in my memory(must've done something great) or I trust you
Vote- that means I am reading your story and that is where I stopped, a bookmark
Comment- that means it took my attention


Pen Name: Sandra Dreev
Real Name: Maria Cassandra Dehn
Age: 21 years young
Birthday: 29 October
Race: Mostly American.
Location: Aeroplane! :D
Occupation: PILOT! Nah, that's a joke. Beggar.
Hobby: Writing
Favourites: Pink, Writing, Money, and Oyster Cards(nah, kidding!)...cookies?
Hates: Reading(it works faster than a sleeping pill)


Phone Number: 0123456789 :) Try it. Have fun.

Note: I rarely read. :) And, bloody hell, don't send money! O_O My begs were just a joke!


Suzanne's Diary

Suzanne's Diary

20 parts / 11 pages, updated Apr 06, 2012G
Suzanne Dodds always believed that she was like the mediocre people, but she realizes that she shines brighter when she already was in a brink of dying.
1,295 reads votes 25 comments 34
Chained (Boy x Boy)

Chained (Boy x Boy)

2 pages, updated Apr 06, 2012PG-13Completed
The Second Book of the The Oneshot Series. Henry, hurt by Terrence's decision to marry Chloe, flees to Edinburgh. By then, he found new love. But, will the past allow him to move on? Warning(s): Plot Twists and homosexuality issues
407 reads votes 0 comments 1
Le Nerd (A Short Poem)

Le Nerd (A Short Poem)

1 page, updated Apr 06, 2012G
124 reads votes 0 comments 0
Farewell (Boy x Boy)

Farewell (Boy x Boy)

2 pages, updated Apr 03, 2012RCompleted
The First Book of The Oneshot Series. Terrence Chamberlain and Henry Watson have been together for years. But the entire story starts with the delicate end of their relationship. Warning(s): Sex, yaoi, and homosexuality issues.
237 reads votes 1 comments 0
Prayer of Mari

Prayer of Mari

1 page, updated Feb 20, 2012G
Mari is a girl who lived in Oblivion. She hoped that in some day, a knight in shining armour would send her to her kingdom...
32 reads votes 1 comments 0
The Dimensional Escape

The Dimensional Escape

7 parts / 17 pages, updated Feb 09, 2012PG-13Pictures
500 DE, or 500 years after the Death of Earth, a prison broke free of Aeonian Jail. She was the most wanted creature in the facility. She must not be released. No on... read more
1,308 reads votes 41 comments 19
Checkmate (Oneshot)

Checkmate (Oneshot)

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Dec 21, 2011GPicturesCompleted
Stephanie and Ron Downer are step-brothers and sisters because Steph's mom married Ron's dad. As Steph grew up, she built feelings to her stepbrother and she just had the chance to confess...only with a checkmate.
799 reads votes 10 comments 11
HIS (Oneshot)

HIS (Oneshot)

1 page, updated Dec 05, 2011PGCompleted
Serena had a boyfriend, and that boyfriend seemed to have someone besides her.
264 reads votes 7 comments 5
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Haha! That was so cool! There are some errors, by the way. Just go re-read everything. My eyes are too tired to correct. >_< Rii, just mind that...
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OOOOHMYGAWD! Thanks for dedicating this thing to me. I know I have been out lately, but this thing will honestly make me come back here more...
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@Crystal-Chrissy Haha! I once heard something like that, but it's different. It was something like 'I promise to Science' -Sandra
The Girl With The Blue Hair

@Crystal-Chrissy There's a twist ahead of you! **spoiler alert** Tony might not be as sweet as he is in this chapter! :O -Sandra
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@Crystal-Chrissy You deserve it. :) -Sandra
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