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Name Melon n Bibtay ;)
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Yes, the unicorn is giving you dirties because it's a suspicious character. - Melon
<space reserved for Bibtay's rant over the username>

Uh-huh, this is dipsyz (but Melon calls me bibtay >.<) and I'mma rant about this username! Jeeze, what was she thinking, when she came up with this? 
Unicorns can't be compared with ninjas! Unicorns are all "la-di-daaaahhh happy and peaceful" whilst ninjas are buttkicking awesome. But apparently that is the "bitter irony" of the situation.

*shakes head* 

If you ask ME, we should've gone for something mentioning apples - maybe 'Apples_Rule'? Or the slightly longer 'Green-Apples-Are-The-Best-And-Anyone-Who-Disagrees-Can-Swim-With-My-Vicious-Goldfish-"Jaws" - You know, that actually has a ring to it. Oooh, I will ask Melon what she thinks... 

Yeah, she hollered at me AND said that mangoes are better! She best lock her window tonight 'cause Jaws and I are going...SWIMMING!

Well now that I have taken over this box I might have some fun with it. *revenge*

dipsyz: Thats me. I'm just that awesome person that you pass on the street and then next thing you know your stalking me on every social network website. Don't say you aren't, when you're reading this right now! I'm also an Epic Evil Genius and Melon here is my dedicated follower. But she's also in denial about it, so she MAY contradict that!

Phuk_u: Thats my minion Melon. She's pretty evil as well, but she learnt from the best. We go to the same school and she, like many others, was attracted to my awesomeness. We've been friends ever since - well I say friends but really its more of a batman-robin situation. With me (dipz) being Batman.

Hah, I managed to turn Melon's section into something about me! Muahaha, oh I'm toooo good!

Laters my other minions!

- Not the 'Despicable Me' kind..

the *sigh* 'Unicorn Ninja' kind


Sam the Assassin(s)

Sam the Assassin(s)

4 parts / 4 pages, updated Aug 29, 2011PG-13
Samantha Shinoda's To-do List: 1. Shopping (extra sweets for Eva) 2. GET money to shop with 3. Get a JOB (maybe work for the Logan's?) 4. ^^ No way in hell. 5. Ge... read more
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