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I just love reading underdog story"s there the one"s that are not famous and will read your comments and stuff. and listen to the people that read there stuff.

My lips are the gun. My smile is the trigger. My kisses are the bullets. Label me a killer.♥

Chances of story 100%
Chances of finding a good story .0001%
Chances of finding a story with good plot 46%
Chances of finding a grammatically correct story with good plot .38%
Chances of being scarred for life 949,394,932%
This is soo true 100%


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i ship JJ and Cara
The Heartbreak Chronicles

Why must you tease us like thisss LOL

wft she does not end with dana ugg hate this
Virginity Game

it was a good story. BUT This Fucked it up. see need to tell somebody and why do the think of the damm game she was raped...
Virginity Game

@Adriana_Lopez i hope not cause there not real friends not in my eyes its like blair and serena from gossip girl.. when that show got bad . first...
Virginity Game