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I might not have updated for awhile and I'm not very active but I hope to turn that around eventually. Currently I'm getting ready to move house and I work 40 hours every week so I have low energy and zero time between packing, working and sleeping. 5/1/15

*Note: I vote when I like something. I rarely comment because I suck at organizing my thoughts. I'll try to give some encouragement occasionally.*

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Upside Down

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Description: When a riot of cannibalistic humans take over the streets, best friends Hyuna and Hyunseung must stick together to survive. Through the ordeal of a zombie apocalypse, the pair meet those who wish to harm them and those that wish to help them. With...

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The Fallen -On Hold & Editing-

The Fallen -On Hold & Editing-

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Death can't be in a thousand places at once. He has minions called Hands of Death, who collect the soul...



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Ji-Eun is beyond normal - at least in Hyun-Ki's mind. She saved his life from a couple of low life's an...

The End of the Beginning

The End of the Beginning

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I was once alive. Now I'm not. I don't know what I am. All I know is that I'm stuck. Trapped in a ba...



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Number 9 understood that she was merely a creation, something - someone - made from scratch. But she di...

Hi! Fellow Korean! I just read your book 'Into Wonderland' and instantly fell in love with it! can't wait for the sequel! Keep on writing.  Have a nice  day.

Seems like a promising beginning.  I would recommend going in and editing the format so that there are spaces between paragraphs for ease of reading, the way it is now is kind of cramped.  And maybe you could add a few more descriptions into the chapter, it seems a little lacking and could use some padding out to draw in the reader.  ^^