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The School That Changed Me is currently on sale on Amazon (Paperback) and www.creatspace.com (Ebook).

Hi, Everyone, my name is Tyllr (Pronounced: Tyler), but I go by Lila (pronouced: Lie-la), my friend nicknamed me Awesome... and her nickname is Insane, but before I get talking about myself and thanking my fans, I want to let you guys know something... My friend, @Misscaley passed away in June at age 12, her brother is @Camarillos5 her mother @Camarillos6 and Caley's little sister, @carlycamarillo (None of them have a wattpad, only Twitter, if you find the username exists on wattpad it is not one of the Camarillo's). Caley had a genetic disorder, Cystic Fibrosis (CF), which makes it hard for her to breath, she lived life to the fullest and made the best out of her life! Caley's mom, Teresa is starting The Breathe For Caley foundation which is basically Make A Wish but for second wishes because One wish isnt enough. Lets make Caleys dream a reality!

My Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/tyllrsbraceletsandmore


If you couldnt allready tell my favorite character in the Percy Jackson series is Luke Castellan, and my favorite character in the Heroes of Olympus series is Nico DiAngelo.

Thank you to all of my fans, I wish I could put you all up here!

And just to let you know, I don't fan back.

And if you havent already noticed Jake Abel is my favorite actor.

I'm a Supernatural freak, Whovian, Teen wolf fan, Tribute, Avian-American, Vampire, Atrian, and Demi-God.

Welcome to my world of books! Enjoy!

Note to all readers: Now I know you guys want me to update more but its still hard to move on with Caley's passing, I try but it doesnt always happen. Bare with me for a while, mkay? Love you guys!

~TyTy Engelman ♥
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Description: The cover is The Mark of Athena's cover because that is the newest book eventhough it hasnt come out yet, but that is what I will be writing about in this book until Rick Riordan previews the fourth book! I will also be talking about the Percy Jacks...

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Interviews With Your Favorite Authors!

Interviews With Your Favorite Authors!

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All this is, is a few contests!

Aqua Jackson, Daughter of Poseidon

Aqua Jackson, Daughter of Poseidon

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For those of you who dont know, November is National Writers Month. Ive never actually tried doing it because Ive always been busy and well the way my life works right now, Friends first, Business second, homework third, fandoms fourth, then writing. 

Ive been really wanting to write, but my mom still hasnt found me a new laptop :( Although shes talking about possibly getting a Macbook so Ill have a good quality laptop if that happens.

Anyway, back to the point. Wattpad used to be my life, I still love interacting with you guys when I can and seeing all your comments. Sooo I have decided that in the month of November, I will be picking up my ipod again to work on my stories. Now I will not be working on my fanfics, i might give you guys like 1 chapter in Aqua Jackson but thats it.

I want to work on Shadow and my top secret story. Which one are you most interested in reading sooner? Shadow, or the story that i wont tell you anything about?
Hi everyone! 
As you all know, I have trouble interacting with my readers because of my schedual etc. 

BUT I want to be able to talk to you guys when I can. Soooo... Im going to have An hour, A day, a week whatever you guys want! We can talk about Aqua Jackson and whats in store for her, TSTCM, you could get an exclusive look at my Shadow and possibly my top secret book, we could talk about The Blood of Olympus, or we could talk for a week and have different topics each day, whatever you guys want. 

Now we could talk over Google hangouts (if i can figure out how to use it), Youtube (not livestream), YouNow, Email, the comments, message board, or a chat room. 

This is all up to you guys. Let me know what youd all be interested in.
Hi everyone, 
So guess where I was today.
Have you guessed yet? 
Yes, yes I know what your thinking. "Woah the library you crazy girl." Lol but no I was writing!!!! 
Turns out when your parents can leave you home alone or let you go on the computers at the library they choose library. But i got dropped off early so i waited in the donut shop across the street with some dr.pepper and well all the people coming in kept giving me dirty looks like wtf did i do to you?! Im polite i say please and thank you, i smile, and theyre all looking at me like im gonna rob someone! People are rude. But anyways Im working on a story but im not gonna tell you which one just yet. See ya soon :)
I have a new book idea but no laptop or computer and my mum refuses to take me to the library ugh! Doesn't she understand I could be a famous writer one day?!
Hi Everyone, so I wanted to let you know that Im alive and I havent updated because I cant get to a computer and its just to slow typing stories on my ipod... Also Ive been working on my business and school and im currently sick :P but guess what! The other day my mom had ordered some of my books as gifts for friends, family, etc and my grandma said it was good and adked me why I havent written a new one, my mom and grandpa were sitting there and i explained how hard it is to type a story on my ipod so now my mom is looking for a new laptop for me (since mine is toast) now i probably wont have a new laptop until the end of the year but i do intend on getting a new laptop. So I appoligize for not updating but thats why. 

Also Im happy to say in the time i havent updated Ive had new followers coming to my books like crazy! And that makes me thrilled! Im glad you all enjoy my books, im sorry I havent update but I promise I wont leave them like this. I have so many ideas that Ive been writting down and I cant wait to show you guys. 

Also since I now have a lot more followers than I used to, Id like to introduce myself again. My name is Lila, Im a 16 year old homeschooled junior.  I own my own business on etsy www.etsy.com/shop/TyllrsAwesomeShop Im a kid at heart, I have an extremely creative imagination and rarely get writers block.

So thank you all and ill talk to you soon