All of my books, even my Fan Fictions are Copyright © 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Tyllr Engelman. And some of my family members work in law so, I wouldn't try coping my books. Here are some things about me... ♥

The School That Changed Me is currently on sale on Amazon (Paperback) and www.creatspace.com (Ebook).

Hi, Everyone, my name is Tyllr (Pronounced: Tyler), but I go by Lila (pronouced: Lie-la), my friend nicknamed me Awesome... and her nickname is Insane, but before I get talking about myself and thanking my fans, I want to let you guys know something... My friend, @Misscaley passed away in June at age 12, her brother is @Camarillos5 her mother @Camarillos6 and Caley's little sister, @carlycamarillo (None of them have a wattpad, only Twitter, if you find the username exists on wattpad it is not one of the Camarillo's). Caley had a genetic disorder, Cystic Fibrosis (CF), which makes it hard for her to breath, she lived life to the fullest and made the best out of her life! Caley's mom, Teresa is starting The Breathe For Caley foundation which is basically Make A Wish but for second wishes because One wish isnt enough. Lets make Caleys dream a reality!

My Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/tyllrsbraceletsandmore


If you couldn't already tell my favorite character in the Percy Jackson series is Luke Castellan, and my favorite character in the Heroes of Olympus series is Nico Di Angelo.

Thank you to all of my fans, I wish I could put you all up here! Also I don't fan back.

And if you haven't already noticed Jake Abel is my favorite actor.

I'm a Supernatural freak, Whovian, Teen wolf fan, Tribute, Avian-American, Vampire, Atrian, Demi-God, and so much more!

Welcome to my world of books! Enjoy!

Note to all readers: Now I know you guys want me to update more but its still hard to move on with Caley's passing, I try but it doesn't always happen. Bare with me for a while, mkay? Love you guys!

~TyTy Engelman ♥
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Description: DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ PERCY JACKSON AND HIS TWIN SISTER AQUA JACKSON!!! You read about what happened to Aqua in Percy Jackson and his twin sister, Aqua Jackson... Now, Aqua is back and trying to get revenge on the gods for taking her away...

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Anything Involving the Heroes Of Olympus Series and The Percy Jackson Movies

Anything Involving the Heroes Of Olympus Series and The Percy Jackson Movies

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All this is, is a few contests!

Got an awesome gift from my grandma on my dads side for christmas! Do you guys know those sweatshirts that are always being advertised on facebook? Well i found this one that said "Author, because fricken  Awesome is not a job title" and my grandma and grandpa got it for me! Makes me want to prove i am worthy of the title Author im trying to write more. I need to finish some orders for etsy first tho. We dont have any laptops anymore tho so itll take longer. 

@ReadingRunner_X  ahhh. I always have some money put away before a new book comes out because you know, first editions can be worth a lot. But I have a link to ann online copy, its not like ibooks, its kinda just on a website but it is the actual book if you want the link :)
Still working on that computer you guys! My cousin is letting me borrow hers while I house sit today but Im hoping to have a new computer by my 17th birthday (March). Ive been asking for money for Christmas and most of my familly who actually dont like giving money taked to my mom about it and decided that Im working my butt off at my Etsy shop and im responsable enough to use it for what I say im going to use it for. So Im hoping that by Christmas ill be half way there. I am trying to afford a Macbook so it is gonna take longer than other people but Im not going for a fancy one like the 15" retina display with all this extra stuff that i dont understand... im going for the 13" with retina and apple care which has up to 9 hours of power and a cd port, they also connect to word processor. Those were the only things I cared about when looking for a computer but I decided on a macbook because theres an apple store in town and their good about the warrenties and fixing the product. If you guys want me to be more active faster, all the profits from my etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/tyllrsawesomeshop are going towards my macbook. and im still taking christmas orders unless its for a phone case. i only have one ipod 5 case available for christmas. I will keep my etsy shop up after i can afford the macbook, and as soon as i get a macbook i will start writing a lot more!