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my life is like my art.
abstract. messy. 
and full of errors that make it right.
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For You.
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this one gives jacks a run for its money. you're amazing. but, i'd still have to steal your bacon, because, you know. i am the drunk bacon god...
To You.

ah! i was so stoked on this book! and your writing skills have enhanced majorly, and they were amazing to being with. ahhh! new chapter better be...
Necroambulist. [HOLD]

this is proof that i am the luckiest guy in the world. carry on shall be our new song. fun is better than fallout boy anyway =) you have made me...

wasn't crying until i saw the song to the right, and read your message to him while it played. you are the most amazing person. ever.
Never Let Go.

fuckin' justin. =P
Necroambulist. [HOLD]