Hey there internet. The name's Twiright. A teenager with a habit of starting stories and never finishing them. I will probably write something and post it up, it's just getting the courage not to delete it straight away~ Anyway, random facts!

-I have a very ambiguous accent. Some say I'm American, others say I'm British. I don't know what I sound like but all I know is I sound like me :3
-I like doing things with my Dying Will :D
-I will read most things; from a fluffy romance to a good old horror so tell me if you find anything that I may like. I'm always on the lookout for a good story :3
- ♥Anime-Lover♥
-A budding rock fan. Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides and Pierce The Veil are growing on me♥
-Youtube (and occasionally Tumblr) is my life.
-Too socially awkward and anti-social for my own good T^T
-I like humans. Just kidding, one day the world will bow down to the new zombie chicken disease I have happily created for your suffering. Enjoy.
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WildFyr posted a message to Twiright
Hey, I noticed you have Albyn on your reading list and I wanted to thank you for taking interest in it. I see that it's still on your read later but I wanted to let you know that Albyn has been edited, and is being re-wrote. It's also got a cool new cover. I don't know if you still use WattPad.or if you'll read this message but I thought you should check it out. I'm also on movellas if you use that site - username 'WildFyr'
Thanks again :)