Yo wats up mah peeps! Not that anyones gonna read this... But I'm really bored so DEAL WITH IT. But anyways, Im Veronica, the shy one who only peeks out of her hole for her closest friends. You know who you are! I will include Kalan cause she included mine in hers:) *UPDATE* Nvm bout the including me in her thingie. Whoo updates. Coughwhitepersoncough. I luv all races.:) And one of them who brought me to this site... I'm not gonna say who she is cause SHE DIDNT INCLUDE ME IN HER ABOUT ME THINGIEMABOB. Raquel, you know who you are.

Well anyways, I, as most of my friends SHOULD know and some sadly do not, am 100% half filipino. Oh ya. And for those of ou to stupid not to know what it is, mah dad is white and my mom is 100% Filipino. So ha. Whiteapinos pwn you. Don't deny it. And I am PROUD of my Filipino heritage. ENSAMADAS AND TARO ROOT AND UBE AND RICE FOREVER!! (rice is an Asian food, and Filipino is Asian.... So ya. Don't be a hater). :) 

I'm just in Wattpad for the kicks, so even if you see this, you probably haven't read my stories yet:P But idc, I got better things ta do bro! LIKE GOIN ON A TAGALOG WRITING SITE. Loljkjk but seriously. If you fellow Filipinos or whiteapinos know a cool site where Filipinos like me and u can hang out, just message me. And keep in mind, I was born in the good ol' US of A so I only understand a bit of Tagalog. Cause I'm sadly not immersed in the culture like u peeps. 

Haha this was actually kinda fun:)) Not that anyone's gonna read it, with my WHOPPING 12 fans. u kno ur jello. Jk:D But seriously, if you're Filipino or half Filipino, message me and we'll talk! And i'll check out and fav yours if u fav and check out mine! Lol if you're any other race, I'm not racist, I'm just glad to have new friends:) tell me, and I'll email juu:D no worries, I'm not a stalker... You'd better not be either:) Sorry for probably boring you to death!
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Just Another High School Story... Or is it?

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Description: This is just another high school drama, right? Elisa is just another normal gorgeous girl nicknamed the "ice princess" at her school. But when a totally HOT boy suddenly pops up and claims to be her "life servant", what could be better?

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